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If you’ve seen any clips of Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS world tour, you’ve most likely been introduced to one of her wonderful openers, Chappell Roan. Speaking for myself, I have had her music on repeat for the longest time. While she isn’t entirely underground after her song “Casual” blew up across social media platforms, it’s starting to look like a star is being born.

Chappell is originally from Willard, Missouri, but one wouldn’t expect that when listening to her work. Many of her songs are inspired by synthpop and the early 2000s. Her most recent album, Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, recently put her on the map with a considerable number of her songs. Some of her most notable hits include “Red Wine Supernova,” “HOT TO GO!,” and, of course, “Casual.” Her album is truly incredibly versatile, with compelling ballads and the most fun pop song to sing with your friends in the car. Her music is accompanied by her incredibly unique sense of style. Inspired by queer culture and drag performers, Chappell’s wardrobe and makeup style is very colorful and avant-garde while including ultra-feminine and vintage-esque elements. When listening to her work and watching her perform, I feel an extreme sense of security in her identity. Chappell has been very open about her sexuality both in interviews and through her music, as one can see in the music video for “Casual.” Her Midwest background doesn’t dilute her expressive identity. It emphasizes it. Roan takes pride in her origins, obviously paying homage to her background in her sophomore album. Her eccentric expression, musically and aesthetically, is igniting the flame of stardom.

If you haven’t listened to Chappell Roan, I highly suggest trying her music out. Even if her artistic style isn’t for you, her music might be. She’s something fresh and new that the industry truly needs. With her likability and uniqueness, there’s a bright future for this supernova.

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