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There are so many beneficial reasons to travel. Life can get stressful, and at times, we may feel “stuck” or in need of something to look forward to, so escaping our normal routine is occasionally healthy. Yes, traveling can get expensive, and finding the time to take off might feel impossible, but consider vacation time a necessary plan. It’s important to take advantage of traveling, especially after the pandemic– a time when we were limited to the walls of our own homes. We dream about all the places we would love to visit, but it is time to turn these dreams into a reality! Make it a goal to save up for that trip you have been so long to plan and figure out the right time to go. Sometimes, even a few days or a week in a new place can teach you a lot about yourself and life in general. Plus– planning a trip alone is an exciting and rewarding process. Traveling is a life-changing experience, and here is why:

Gaining an appreciation for the world and your home: 

Not every day do we get to experience a change of scenery. It is easy to forget that there is more beauty in the world than we think because we live in a bubble where we see the same people and places on a daily basis. Exploring new places, whether domestic or international, really reshapes our vision of the world as it broadens our horizons. In a way, traveling for a period of time can also make us miss home. As amazing as it feels to get away, it is just as important to feel appreciative of our home. Distance makes the heart grow fonder!

Living in the moment and creating memories:

We are so used to the fast-paced lifestyle that we often overlook the simple essence of life. We don’t always live in the present because our mind is constantly worrying about the future– deadlines, time, responsibilities, etc. Or, we occupy a lot of our time with mindless activities. However, traveling puts our minds on pause and helps us to disconnect from distractions. This past summer, I went on a cruise and had no wifi or cellular service on the ship– and I could not have been happier. I was able to truly enjoy the company of my family and friends I met through my experience. Feeling disconnected for a few days from the outside world was so refreshing. You will realize, while you’re traveling, how more connected you feel with the world and people around you. Money comes and goes, but memories last forever– thanks to our cameras, we can capture these memories and relive them. Some of the best memories are made while traveling because of living in the moment. 

 Exploring other cultures / Educational:

The world is a big place with so many different people and different cultures– we all know this, but being able to physically encounter other cultures is an eye-opening experience. You might find yourself in another country and engaging in activities you wouldn’t normally do, trying foods outside of your norm, or investing in products you’ve never used before. Increasing your awareness of other lifestyles is what makes traveling such an enlightening experience, as it strengthens your ability to recognize, understand, and appreciate other people’s customs and values. You may even pick up on new languages or learn a few history lessons. I’ve been traveling to Portugal ever since I was a baby, and I’m so grateful for that. Being able to embrace my Portuguese culture and connect with my heritage makes me feel closer to my identity. Since traveling to Portugal, my Portuguese-speaking skills have improved, and I’m able to understand and value my family’s cultural traditions. 

Self-discovery and sparking new ideas:

You would be surprised at how much you can discover about yourself when you’re traveling, especially solo. Putting yourself outside of your comfort zone is a crucial step in the self-growth process. When you’re traveling, you are in a new place facing new situations, which forces you to break free of your normal routines. Through this, you can learn more about what speaks to your soul– new passions, new habits, new tastes, new ways of thinking; the list goes on.​​ When you’re inspired by something, creative ideas naturally spark. Take the time to truly discover yourself and reflect on the ideas you can incorporate into your own life.

Mental and Physical Health:

The main reason we travel– is to relax and unwind. Traveling is therapeutic for both the mind and body. Being in a stress-free environment helps you gain peace of mind. We tend to come back from vacation happier because we take our positive experiences from the trip back home with us– like mentioned before, traveling helps us to disconnect and appreciate the little things in life. Physically, our bodies can get tense on a normal basis due to many factors, such as sitting and standing for long hours or simply feeling stressed. Our bodies are typically accurate reflections of the state of our minds. Therefore, when our mind is relaxed, our body will be able to relax as well. 

Rebuilding existing relationships and making new friends:

Traveling is the best way to deepen your connections– whether you decide to travel alone or with people you care about. Traveling alone teaches you how to enjoy your own company– which may take time to get comfortable with, but it is a great skill. It can be fun having full control over your travel plans– doing whatever you want whenever you want. It also encourages you to go out and meet new people. On my cruise this summer, my siblings and I ventured out and made a really close-knit group of friends. There is something special about vacation friends– maybe it’s the fact that you don’t know each other from anywhere, so you have the opportunity to redefine yourself. I also noticed that my family grew closer together by the end of the trip. We had a perfect balance of family time and time with our new friends. Sometimes, balance is the key component to rebuilding relationships– independence and unity. Going away with family, friends, or your SO– pushes you to communicate, share experiences, and overall enjoy each others’ presence. 

So, how can you start your vacation planning? Here are some tips you can follow!

  • https://www.tripadvisor.com is a great resource for restaurants, excursions, etc.
  • Overall, research about the place you are going to! 
Zoie Aguiar is a writer for Her Campus at the University of Tampa. Her articles cover a variety of topics including wellness, lifestyle, work, academics, travel, fashion, gen-z culture and aesthetics. In addition to sharing relatable and credible content on these topics, Zoie aims to connect with others by spreading positivity. Her core values are: well-being, passion, integrity, peace and individuality. Zoie is a Junior studying Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. In her free time, she loves to cozy up in her bed and watch reality tv, take pictures, DIY, design, decorate, play volleyball and shop. Zoie loves to travel and explore new things. Her favorite places to be are the city, beach, and mall. She loves to express her personality and style through writing, art and fashion. Ultimately, Zoie loves to be creative and have fun!