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The Weeknd released “Dawn FM” on January 7th, 2022, bringing a whole new style to his songs. “Dawn FM” is an album where he gives the tracklist the feeling of listening to his songs on the radio. Some people were unhappy because they expected more content like his old style. He introduced a futuristic, electronic, and pop style to his collections of albums. People who are true fans should appreciate his talent and be on their toes for the surprises he has to come. 

Here are some of my favorite songs with my ratings from the album below:

“Dawn FM”

Rating: 8/10

The introduction song is a short but sweet taste of what you will get from this album. He succeeds in giving the audience a futuristic feel while listening to “Dawn FM.”


Rating: 9/10

This upbeat song introduces listeners to a new deep tone of The Weeknd’s voice that leads into the chorus of his signature pitch. 

How Do I Make You Love Me?”

Rating: 9/10

A slow pace turns into a fast chorus that will get you dancing in your chair. The catchy chorus will make you sing in the shower and will be stuck in your head all day. The ending is a great transition into the next hit.

Take My Breath” 

Rating: 10/10

“Take My Breath” was the first single he dropped off of this album, arguably one of the best and most underrated songs. The long intro leads you to the energetic and catchy song. 


Rating: 10/10

The way this song makes the listeners feel is what people live for! It is exciting and empowering. You can truly feel the emotion through his voice and the background music. 

Out of Time”

Rating: 9/10

This slow tune will get you slow dancing with a glass of wine in your hand, using it as your microphone. The style of this song will make audiences feel like they’re back in the 70s, just like some of the songs on his “Starboy” Album.

Is There Someone Else?”

Rating: 10/10

This pop song is a little slower than others, but it is my favorite from the album. Listeners can relate to this hit while screaming it in their car on a long drive. The beat of this song makes me personally feel like floating. It instantly boosts my mood and makes me dance along whenever it comes on. The song before, “Best Friends, has the best transition into this song, making the listen even better. 

Starry Eyes”

Rating: 9/10

It is always his underrated shortest songs that have so much potential to be a great hit. “Starry Eyes” is one of my favorites on the album. The last song leads perfectly into this song, which is a sad soothing melody that leaves the audience wanting more. 

Abel Tesfaye not only creates amazing music, but he is working on producing a new show, The Idol, in which he is starring in. He is a true artist; his talent shows throughout his work, including his music, stories, videos, and art. 

I am double majoring in communications and advertising & public relations. I have been a creative person all my life, so why not put my interesting thoughts somewhere!