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The Perfect Netflix Binge: Grey’s Anatomy

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Netflix trying to find that perfect show or movie to put an end to your boredom? Well, let me introduce you to one of my favorite TV series, Grey’s Anatomy. If you have any doubts that this show is any good let me tell you that they’re currently in their thirteenth season, and have no plans to stop filming any time soon. This show is the definition of an emotional rollercoaster, and thanks to Shonda Rhimes, I’ve been able to laugh, cry hysterically, and feel empowered all at the same time. Now if that wasn’t enough to convince you to watch Grey’s Anatomy, here are ten reasons why you should.



1. Women Empowerment:

In the last couple of seasons, the women have taken over most of the chief positions in the hospital. Not only do a lot of them own the hospital, but also the Chief of Surgery is a woman. All of these characters play strong, successful career-focused women, and if that’s not empowering I don’t know what is.


2. Relationships:

The couples that are formed in this show are raw and complicated. They don’t just show the good, easy stuff as they all deal with real life problems like death, divorce, and the fight for child custody which makes you get more emotionally involved in the show.


3. Friendship goals:

Whether it’s Meredith and Cristina, Owen and April, or Derek and Mark, the friendships between characters are so genuine and true that it raises your expectation to an unreasonable extent.


4. The Medical part:

I may be a bit biased here because I am Pre-Med but the rush of being a surgeon, operating on people and yelling “scalpel” and having someone immediately hand it to you seems pretty cool to me.


5. Relatable:

Not only does Shonda create great relationships and friendships, but she also makes these genius surgeons relatable.


6. McSteamy & McDreamy:

There’s no denying that this cast is full of good-looking people. I mean just look at them.


7. Representation:

Aside from the great writing and acting, there’s also great diversity and representation in this show including: LGBTQ, African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos.


8. Shock factors:

It’s safe to say this show is full of cliffhangers, unexpected deaths, and a lot of medical emergencies that will leave you in complete disbelief.


9. Quotes to live by:

Since the characters are so well developed, and Shonda Rhimes is an amazing writer, this show is packed with legendary quotes.


10. You’re hooked and become emotionally involved

After the pilot, it’s nearly impossible for you not to want to keep watching. As you go through the seasons you’ll get so attached to the characters that you’ll start to question if this is even healthy for you, but trust me it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

Claudia is a sophomore at The University of Tampa. As a Bio major on the Pre-Med track she's got her head buried in books most of the time. When she's not studying Darwin's theory of evolution and calculating the yield of chemical reactions she loves to do anatomical sketches, take pictures for her IG, write short stories and get involved in as much volunteer work as she can. Being Puerto Rican she's got a lot of drive and passion that she puts towards her goal of becoming a Neonatal surgeon.
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