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Open Letter to My Long Distance Best Friends

To my long distance best friends,

Since we have all moved away, we have become words to one another. The text messages saying “hey” or last year’s Christmas card are all that we have with each other right now. I only know from the selfies you post that your hair is getting long or that your skin got burnt when you went to the beach.

Superficially, all we are now are these words; these text messages and snapchats that we send to one another so quickly and easily.

But you all have been so much more than these words; you have been my guardian angels. My first semester of college when I was all by myself for the first time, you were there texting me while I was eating lunch so I wouldn’t feel alone. When I was in the bathroom, crying my eyes out because I failed a class, you talked me through it so I could walk back into work.

In return I listened as you excitedly told me about your new job. I stayed up late to help you through self-doubt. I gave you advise when you told me about the new guy you were seeing – and in my opinion he never deserved you in the first place.

We are there for each other in ways that transcend distance, because even though I call you my best friends, you are like my family.

My name is Leann Petschonek, and I am a Junior here at the University of Tampa studying Biology. I was originally born in Michigan, but moved to Florida when I was five, and loved the Sunshine State ever since (even though I am, Ironically, very VERY pale). I tend to be introverted in person, but I have a large voice on paper. You can usually find me reading a book- or glaring at one as I study, taking some pictures, or watching more television then I probably should.
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