My Top 5 Songs to Listen to While Driving on Bayshore

Since we’re able to have a car on campus, one of my favorite past times has been driving on Bayshore Boulevard. Whether it’s during the day while it is sunny out or at night when no one else is on the road, here are some of my favorite songs to play while driving. These songs are listed in no particular order!

1. “Waste the Night” by 5 Seconds of Summer

This song is perfect to play for a nighttime drive on Bayshore. I tend to play it at the beginning of the ride to get me excited and pumped up for the car ride. The song starts off a little slow, but by the chorus, you’ll be headbanging and rocking out to the beat of the drums, guaranteed! And while the song is about a relationship, when I’m driving, I like to interpret the song as to how I won’t waste the night and will live it to the fullest, even if that means just enjoying driving down Bayshore. 

2. “Til I Forget About You” by Big Time Rush

This hit by Big Time Rush is perfect to sing when you have the windows down and you and your friends are vibing. Whether you are listening to it during the day or at night, the song just hits differently. Belting out the lyrics to this musical masterpiece always makes me go back in time to 2010 when I heard the song for the first time (side note: it’s been 11 years since the band formed. I feel old!) However, be careful with how much you jam out to this song. I could easily be singing this song while simultaneously going 90 miles per hour without knowing. Always remember to jam out responsibly while driving!

3. “Dark Side of Your Room” by All Time Low

This song makes me feel like I’m the main character in some coming-of-age teen movie, and I LOVE it! And although nothing compares to hearing it live in concert, blasting this banger of a song with the windows down when the Bayshore sky is a purple/black color really brings out the vibes I think the band was aiming for. It’s perfect for playing when you’re having the time of your life with your friends, and you don’t want the night to end.  It’ll make you want to stay in that moment forever! 

4. “L.A. Baby” by The Jonas Brothers

Who doesn’t love a good throwback Jonas Brothers song? Blasting this bop of a song with the windows down will make you feel like you are in the tv show Jonas L.A. and rocking out with the Jo Bros themselves. If you have one of those Bluetooth microphones (as seen on TikTok), I recommend bringing it just to add to your performance while singing this down Bayshore. And while it’s no Hollywood Boulevard, Bayshore Boulevard during the day is still one of the best places to jam out to this hit song. 

5. “End of the Day” by One Direction

Last but not least is this banger from One Direction’s latest album. “End of the Day” is a great song to jam out to with friends. Even if you aren’t a ‘Directioner,’ this song is sure to bring out the inner performer in you. With its upbeat and fun rhythm, it’s almost impossible to not sing along to. This song is perfect to listen to while the sun is setting. With the vibes of the orange sky and cool night air, these aspects really do make it the perfect song for the end of the day. 

While these are just some of my favorite songs to listen to while driving down Bayshore Boulevard, there are a lot more! If you want to hop in your car and play my playlist, here is the link to it! Or even better, make your own playlist that includes some of your favorite songs! Remember, drive safely and jam out responsibly.