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Everyone who knows me is aware that I am fond of one specific music genre: K-Pop. Throughout 2023, there have been countless K-artists who have come out with solos. Some, such as Jihyo from TWICE, came out with solo debut albums. Others, like Suga from BTS, made a comeback with solo albums. Then, you have members of K-pop groups who make solo songs, for example, Huh Yunjin from Le Sserafim.

Needless to say, I have found my favorites of all the solos from 2023, and here are the thirteen I have chosen.

1. “I ≠ DOLL” by Huh Yunjin

“I ≠ DOLL” is a self-produced song by Huh Yunjin, a member of the girl group Le Sserafim. The message of the song is very alluring as it relates to the music industry and its connection with judgmental individuals. Yunjin also created the animated character that features in the music video and in the image to the left. “I ≠ DOLL” was released in January 2023.

2. “Vibe” by Taeyang ft. Jimin of BTS

“Vibe” is a pre-release single to the EP “Down to Earth” by BigBang’s Taeyang, and it features BTS’s Jimin. The song’s style reminds me of disco rock; it’s soothing and energetic at the same time. The lyrics, on the other hand, are closely related to R&B-pop. While the song is amazing on its own, the true work of art is the choreography featured in the music video. The song “Vibe” was released in January 2023.

3. “Rover” by Kai

“Rover” by Kai is an upbeat song about breaking free from constraints and boundaries. The protagonist of the song wishes to explore multiple paths and wander around. Though the song is a remake of Dara’s song titled “Mr. Rover”, it is its own masterpiece, wonderfully paired with choreography. EXO’s Kai made his third release with “Rover” in March 2023.

4. Face by Jimin

Face is the first solo album by Jimin of BTS. It features six tracks, including one English version of a song and an interlude. According to Jimin himself, this album is supposed to reflect and represent the emotions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. However, one can view the entirety of the album as the stages of growing up and becoming a young adult. With various song styles as those in “Set Me Free Pt. 2” and “Alone,” this album is very diverse and a great listen to. Face launched in March 2023.

5. Me by Jisoo

Jisoo of Blackpink finally released her solo debut album, Me, which features two songs. The title track, “Flower,” is a beautiful song about the aftermath of a break-up, while “All Eyes on Me” is an upbeat song about a woman’s worth. The lead-up to this album was very exciting and well worth the wait. I believe many Blinks (Blackpink fans) wish there were more songs; however, Jisoo definitely showcased her visuals, vocals, and dance capabilities in this album. Me released in April 2023.

6. “Knock” by Chaeyeon

It’s an upbeat song about confessing your love to your crush. A clear and concise sentence to describe Chaeyeon’s “Knock”. Soloist Chaeyeon does a fantastic job of bringing the K-pop package with this song: dancing, rapping, and singing – we can’t forget about looks either! By the way, I’m sure this isn’t the first K-pop dance trend you’ve seen on TikTok! “Knock” was released in April 2023.

7. “Amygdala” by Suga aka Agust D

Amygdala: a mass of gray matter involved with experiencing emotion. “Amygdala”: a heartbreaking song about the artist’s personal memories. Suga of BTS, whose alias is Agust D, reveals a deep emotional side to his character through this song. This song represents confrontation, emotion, pain, and more. Coupled with an equally emotional music video, “Amygdala” has softened and torn the hearts of many. This track was released in April 2023.

8. “Hate Rodrigo” by Choi Yena

A somewhat controversial song amidst the American and Korean pop fandoms, “Hate Rodrigo” by Yena is an ode to a love-hate relationship between fans and idols. Heavily inspired by the Y2K style Rodrigo presents, Yena opted to showcase her idolization of the American pop singer. However controversial one may see it, there’s no denying that the song – lyrics, collaboration with G(I)-DLE’s Yuqi, and instrumental – is a masterpiece. “Hate Rodrigo” hit the stage in June 2023.

9. “Psycho” by Jun

Jun, a Chinese member of the group Seventeen, released a solo track titled “Psycho”. The artist wanted to create a song that embraced the weird, unconventional, and abnormal sides of people. Hence, instead of making a song with his bubbly, cute persona, Jun brought out his inner wild child and dark personality to fit into this concept. The Chinese single is a great fit for anyone into alternative electro-pop music. “Psycho” was released in July 2023.

10. “perfect blues” by Hannah Bahng

Though this song is technically not a K-pop song, “perfect blues” was created by Hannah Bahng, a Korean-Australian artist. The soft, soothing vibe is graciously matched with an aesthetic beach music video. The artist wished to communicate longing for change and embracing melancholy in the middle of chaos. Bahng debuted with “perfect blues” in July 2023.

11. Game Plan by Jeon Somi

Game Plan by Somi is a remarkable step in her journey as a soloist. The quintet of songs on this album vary in genre, but they all mesh well together. Personally, my favorite on this album is Pisces, seconded by Fxxked Up. The concept of this album is really stunning and properly represents Somi’s character. The solo album came out in August 2023.

12. Zone by Jihyo

One of the best solo debut albums of 2023, in my opinion, is Jihyo’s Zone. With a large range of song styles, genres, and feelings, there is definitely a song for everyone in this album. Pop, Spanish influence, R&B, soft, dark – there is everything in this album. Jihyo of TWICE reveals multiple sides of her personality and abilities in this album, and it is exquisitely composed. While “Killing Me Good”, the title track, is a good song, the B-tracks are what make this album shine. Zone was released in August 2023.

13. “I Love My Body” by Hwasa

After leaving RBW Entertainment and joining P Nation, Hwasa of Mamamoo soon made her solo debut with the song “I Love My Body”. This is an empowering song about body positivity and acceptance. Its light, bubbly style contrasts with the message, but it showcases a different side of Hwasa. “I Love My Body” made its way to fans in September 2023.

Nayelis Rivera is a new participating member of Her Campus at the Tampa chapter. She writes articles that explore a variety of topics from pop music to college lifestyle to fashion choices. Rivera is a second-year junior at the University of Tampa, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in art therapy. She is also a member of the Honors Program at the University of Tampa, which grants her a broader range of knowledge and experiences. Nayelis takes pleasure in listening to music, spending time with family and friends, creating art, and writing poetry or short stories. Alongside being home with family and attending classes, Nayelis tends to keep herself busy at her job with Waffle House. https://nriveraportfolio.wordpress.com/