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My favorite country songs you NEED to add to your playlist 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Country music definitely isn’t for everyone. A country twang and some cowboy boots don’t cut it for a lot of people, but for me, I live for country music. Especially country music, I deem “real” country. So here are my top five songs you need to add to your playlist right this moment – that is, if you get excited about a little red dirt roads and mountain tunes. 

  1. Tourniquet by Zach Bryan 

I’d honestly be so surprised if you haven’t heard of Zach Bryan when the words “country” and “music” are mentioned. In recent years, his songs have taken off, and tickets to his concerts have become a hot commodity. As a devoted fan of his for years at this point, I was extremely disappointed when his tours sold out before I could get tickets. But I think that says A LOT about his music. Tourniquet is one of those songs that hits you right in the soul. The soft piano and steady rhythmic beat of a drum, coupled with profound lyrics, make this one a personal favorite. I mean, just read these lyrics: “You bled your whole soul into things you can’t control in a world you’ll never satisfy.” Wow. 

  1. Dark Night by Warren Zeiders 

I believe Warren Zeiders is one of the most underrated country artists out there. His song Dark Night is perfect for a nighttime drive with your bestie, windows down, and wind whipping through your hair. Zeider’s deep, slightly raspy voice creates magic within the song that makes you want to listen over and over and over again. I, for one, am definitely guilty of queuing this song up on my Spotify over three times in a row. Whoops! But that means this song is worth a listen.

  1. Evangelina by Colter Wall. 

When I think of the song Evangelina by Colter Wall, I think of the Wild West, cowboy meets beauty. This song definitely gives off old-town vibes. Wall’s music is less mainstream than artists such as Zach Bryan, but it is no less a country favorite for me. What I love about this song is it tells the story of a man who is trying to reach his beloved woman. If you close your eyes, it’s almost as if a movie is playing out behind your eyes. I would recommend this song any day for a hardcore country music fan.  

  1. Oh Sarah by Sturgill Simpson 

I love Oh Sarah by Sturgill Simpson for a multitude of reasons, but first and foremost, the amazing melodies coupled with a gorgeous background plucking. Simpson’s creative genius really comes out in the use of complementary instruments and his soft voice with lyrics of love. However, it’s not just his love lyrics that make this song special. I remember listening to this song while hiking on the Appalachian Trail and feeling that it fit my mood so perfectly. “Out on the road is where I’m going to find my way.” I may steal that quote for an Instagram caption next time I go hiking!

  1. Lady May by Tyler Childers 

I cannot even begin to describe the peace I feel when I listen to Lady May by Tyler Childers. This is the model of love I want to follow. “But I’m baptized in your name, lovely Lady May.” Don’t we all wish someone spoke to us like that? Childers’ use of metaphors, imagery, and personification creates a song that perfectly encapsulates a ballad of devotion and intimacy that I have never heard in a song before. Please, if you could only listen to one song on this list, let it be Lady May. 

Jacqueline Sibila, a native of Maryland (and consequently a crab enthusiast), writes articles for the Her Campus at Tampa chapter. She has a wide variety of topics she likes to cover in her articles including but not limited to traveling and wellness. Beyond Her Campus, Jacqueline is a freshman at the University of Tampa where she is a member of the honors college and majors in Marine Biology. Jacqueline previously has worked as an editor-in-chief for the Dulaney Griffin Newspaper at Dulaney High School where, while not editing articles, she focused on writing opinions columns. Jacqueline is an avid hiker, camper and traveler in her free time. Her favorite places she's traveled to have been Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State and Cinque Terre, Italy. When she isn't enjoying the outdoors, Jacqueline also loves watching National Geographic documentaries and reading Sarah J. Maas novels.