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My 5 Favorite Podcasts For When I’m Tired Of Music

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

There is nothing I love more than putting my Airpods in and shuffling through playlists while doing school work, going for a walk… or doing practically anything. Although, sometimes, my favorite songs just don’t hit the same, and I need to switch it up. So, here are some of my favorite podcasts, depending on my mood. 

  1. Anything Goes – Emma Chamberlain 

Emma Chamberlain is most famous for her YouTube channel, which gained recognition due to her funny, self-deprecating humor and honesty. All bound together by her unique style of editing that many have followed. However, Anything Goes shows a more candid side of her without the funny jump cuts or voice editing. She is open about sharing her own personal struggles, likes, dislikes, opinions, and advice. Some topics she has openly discussed are her experiences with nicotine addiction, mental health, past relationships, and some of the challenges people face while maturing out of their teen years. If you are looking for a personal growth podcast and someone to relate to, check her out on Spotify! 

  1. Zane and Heath: Unfiltered – Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar

Although you might already know them as best friends and renowned partiers from David Dobrik’s group “The Vlog Squad”. Their friendship and humor really shine through in their hilarious podcast. Their co-hosts are Matt King and Mariah Amado, who both also gained internet popularity from appearing in the Vlog Squad’s videos. On Zane and Heath: Unfiltered, the four of them share stories about their crazy day to day life in Los Angeles, much like what you would see in the widely popular Vlog Squad videos. They also bring on many guests, including Tana Mongeau, Brittany Broski, James Charles, etc. If you are looking for a light-hearted video when you need a good laugh, then check their show out on YouTube, Apple podcasts, or Spotify! 

  1. Pretty Basic– Remi Cruz and Alisha Marie 

If you were around during the time of 2016’s “Back to School Videos” or “Black Friday Hauls,” then you have probably come across one of their old videos. During the 2016 Tumblr girl era, they gained millions of followers and subscribers for their girly and kid-friendly videos along with other popular creators at that time, such as Bethenney Mota, Mommamiamakeup, or Niki and Gabi. Since then, their content has changed due to their audience growing up. Their podcast, Pretty Basic, has gained kudos for showing a more grown-up side to them where they do not have to put up such a kid-friendly image. On their channel, they still feel like the older sisters we remember them as, except now we are old enough to hear all the real gritty details. Their show is available on all platforms! 

  1. Crime Junkie– Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat 

If you are a true crime junkie, like me, and you love hearing about mysterious cases, then tune in to this podcast. Here, they discuss new true crime cases every week. Throughout each episode, they tell the story of the case and give their own input along the way. Listen at your risk, as there are lots of gory details. Their show is available across all platforms! 

  1. Office Ladies Podcast- Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey 

For all the die-hard office fans out there, Pam and Angela have made a podcast. Every week, they rewatch and talk about a specific episode and give behind the scenes insights, funny memories from that day on set, and their favorite parts of the episode. They have also welcomed their past co-stars as guests, including John Krasinski, Ed Helms, Ellie Kemper, and many more! Check them on Apple podcasts! 

Arianna is a writer for Her Campus, Tampa chapter and a freshman at the University of Tampa. She is majoring in communications with a minor in journalism. She enjoys traveling, listening to new music, and reading.