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Watching foreign series allows you to visit another country from home. You can experience their culture and discover their art, fashion, and customs. My main reason for watching foreign films is to learn the languages. I have compiled a list of my favorite shows that I have watched over the past couple of years. 

1: Grand Hotel

This is a Spanish series that takes place in Northern Spain. This show is the perfect mix of murder mystery and a forbidden love story. 

2: La Casa de Papel 

This show is about a group of criminals who break into the Royal Mint in Spain. It depicts the behind-the-scenes process of a heist. This show draws you into the characters by naming each after a different city. 

3: Baby

Baby is an Italian series that shows the hardships of being a teenager. It also shows the dramatic measures some young girls feel like they must go to for survival. This show is full of drama and constantly has something new going on. 

4: Las Chicas del Cable

It is a 1920’s show that reveals the story behind the workers at the first national telephone company in Madrid, Spain. The series focuses on the unique experiences of four women who work there and fight for equal rights. 

So, next time you are looking for a new show, check out some of these foreign films. These films will give you a first-hand look into the lives of the people who live in these countries and the experiences they have. 

I am an advertising in public relations major with a minor in film and media. I like to promote health and wellness through social media platforms.
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