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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Almost everyone listens to music; it’s a big part of the world today. Some people just have a playlist they’ll put on with a bunch of songs they like, others theme music for how they planned out their day, and others just have that #1 artist. I fall into that last category.

Although I do listen to many different songs and artists, it’s a rare occurrence that I don’t listen to at least one song of my #1 artist on Spotify and in general. Sometimes people find a connection to life through a certain artist’s music. While I have written in the past about how Jonas Brothers were the soundtrack to my childhood, they are not my number one artist; if you’ve read past articles, you may know who they are. I didn’t religiously listen to them when I was younger, but I’d have those songs that I did have on my playlist and loved hearing on the radio. And when I say younger, I mean until like junior year of high school because as those school years went on, it slowly started increasing how much I listened to them before October of my freshman year of college hit(I’m a junior next semester) and once October hit they quickly became what I listened to every day. Since listening to their music, I’ve found immense comfort in it. Their music can always cheer me up when I’m down, and they help with anxiety so much. My one friend says I’m obsessed, but I don’t think it’s an obsession. Everyone finds comfort in something, and mine just happened to be this artist’s music. It’s not bad for someone to find comfort in something, and people should stop calling it that and acting like some fans are crazy. There is a fine line between mania and being a fan. At one point, all that was on my TikTok were concert videos of them, and that’s when she started calling it an obsession, but her “For You” page was essentially all animals. It becomes a craze when you have an unhealthy dependence on it.  I do listen to a song at least once a day, and I can go days without listening to them, but I do listen a lot because I think they have good music.

The artist is 5 Seconds of Summer. I went to one of their concerts over the summer, and I loved it. I’ve been to concerts before, but this one was my favorite. My one friend who went with me said it wasn’t her favorite, but that’s fine because while she likes some of their music, there is another artist she likes more and finds comfort in. It was amazing hearing some of my favorite songs live, especially in 2011(this was my top song of 2022 and my lifetime). They’ve helped me through their music. Being in school causes a lot of stress sometimes, and you just need something to de-stress, and their music helps me. They also have a lot of great songs(even if they don’t have great taste in their own songs, that tier list they did was horrendous, but Don’t Stop – Acoustic was rightly judged), and you can tell that their music has grown with them, and it’s great for the fans that have grown with them. 5SOS5 was a great album, and 4 of them are my top 4 songs for the last six months. That album has a variety of songs on it that you wouldn’t think would be on 1 album if you didn’t listen to them. I’m just excited for what is to come and especially hopeful for them to announce a tour soon because I really want to hear Bad Omens live. There is nothing wrong with finding comfort in music, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Maggie Twomey is the student government representative at the Her Campus at Tampa chapter. She mainly writes articles that cover entertainment and experiences. Outside of HerCampus, Maggie is a junior at the University of Tampa, majoring in Elementary Education. She has worked as a summer camp counselor in the past for grades third, fourth, and fifth and is currently interning at schools in the Tampa area. Maggie enjoys traveling, reading, and painting in her free time. Usually Maggie finds herself reading or listening to a book. You will find that when Maggie is reading she always has a fantasy novel in her hand.