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Moving around can be a scary thing, especially leaving all your friends and starting over. I have moved around so many times that it has become a normality to me. My family loves new houses and gets easily bored of the same things, so moving has always been a thing we do. During the four years in highschool, I moved at least five times. Each time was harder than the last. At first I hated the idea of moving, and even my family for having me start over in different highschools. Eventually, I started to notice how differently I viewed each town and their customs. Moving so much actually made me the person I am today. It was a challenging time but I thank my family for doing it. And here’s why:

  • Moving so much helped create the extrovert personality I embrace today. It has taught me how to expose myself to different people and cultures; to let myself jump on any opportunity available and not be afraid to try it. Having to move so many times came with different schools and different people. I had to learn how to approach people and put myself out there when it came with making friends. 

  • Moving around so much challenged my mentality, and changed my perspective on everything. You get to learn from your different friends and see their mindset on certain things in certain locations. It pushed me to my limits mentally due to being independent,  but it helps to gain knowledge on things you didn’t think affected you. 

  • You get comfortable. Comfortability is bad. When you get comfortable with something you will most likely not spread your wings how they are supposed to. People get comfortable and settle. Moving around makes you remember the different opportunities you may have ahead of you. 

I am grateful for moving so much. I have enjoyed every single town I have lived in. Each town has taught me something different through their customs and culture. It has broadened my horizon. So, I give a special thank you to my family for moving me everywhere and pushing me to gain the knowledge and independence I need to succeed in the future. 

Hi guys ! Its Kristine. I am currently a Allied Health major on a PA track. I am from New Jersey and have lived there most of my life. I needed a change and some hot weather so I decided to pack my things and make Tampa my new home!
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