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Most Rewatchable Sitcoms From a Sitcom Superfan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Admittedly, I am a sitcom girl through and through. As much as other shows are just as good, there’s just a different feeling when you rewatch one of your favorite sitcoms. Even when you already know what happens, you just can’t get sick of it. As an avid sitcom viewer, here are what I think are the most rewatchable sitcoms when you need some comfort.

Parks and Recreation

My favorite show of all time, Parks and Recreation, dare I say it, is the best sitcom. Besides the mockumentary style being essentially foolproof, you get character and plot development at the perfect pace. Things that are sad or truly awkward are always lighthearted, and the characters are chaotic together in the best way. Leslie’s ambition is admirable, and Andy’s goofiness is sure to make you laugh. Every time you watch this show, you are sure to notice new gags or jokes each time, allowing you to rewatch it as many times as your heart desires.

Modern Family

Dare I say, it is a classic, if not the classic sitcom. Everyone has heard of Modern Family. There’s just something about this show that keeps you entertained, even when you’ve watched it 10 times. The dynamic between all of the characters is so captivating every rewatch that you start to realize and notice every detail in each personality. If you aren’t a big fan of workplace sitcoms, this one is not only rewatchable on your own but, of course, with your own modern family.

Arrested Development

Honestly, it’s hard to describe this show in any way besides comedic Succession. Again, with the dynamics, everyone is just too funny. If Succession was one thousand times sillier, it would be Arrested Development. There are so many hilarious lines and moments in the show it feels like I almost didn’t watch it. Plus, it has Michael Cera, so what’s not to love?

New Girl

New Girl, I have found to be one of the most lovable sitcoms. While admittedly, it starts out rough, everyone’s dynamics are just too entertaining. I can rewatch Nick and Jess’s relationship over and over and never become sick of it. The diversity in personalities is so fun and makes the show much more realistic when they all bicker and annoy each other. If you’re into a show with a bigger romance factor, New Girl will keep you hooked.


This show is truly underrated. Most people don’t talk about it much, but I think it’s one of the most entertaining sitcoms I have watched. If there’s one thing sitcoms love, it is workplaces. It’s essentially like you’re watching a typical workplace in action–relationships, strange customers, and gossiping galore. If you aren’t too big of a mockumentary fan, you can still watch this show to get that Office and Parks and Rec vibe without anyone talking to the camera. I have watched this show multiple times, and I adore it with each watch as it gives me drama with jokes and gags wrapped around it.

Kaila DeJesus is a writer for Her Campus at the University of Tampa Chapter. Covering mainly entertainment in her articles, Kaila writes on an array of topics from film and television recommendations to internet culture. Her writing centers around multiple forms of media, the modern lives of college students, and pop culture. Beyond being a writer for Her Campus, Kaila is also a sophomore at the University of Tampa. Currently majoring in Film and Media Arts, she hopes to pursue a career in film journalism. She hopes to become a journalistic film critic post-graduation. While enrolled full-time at the university, Kaila is also a part-time sales associate for Vans under the parent VF Corporation. In her free time, Kaila enjoys watching movies, keeping up with pop culture, and vinyl record shopping. Enjoying the "older" hobbies such as record collecting, Kaila loves going to her local movie theater to watch a movie over streaming. She spends most of her free time hanging out with her friends, writing reviews for films on Letterboxd, and rewatching her favorite sitcoms multiple times. Kaila also enjoys attending the concerts of some of her favorite artists such as Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, and SZA.