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Living to Create: The Importance of Creativity

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

For some reason, society seems to discourage curiosity and discovery. Once someone receives an education and pursues a career, they are encouraged to make their job center around their skills. As you get older, you continue to stick to this career despite a small voice in your head that tells you to find something more enjoyable out of life. From my perspective, it is almost impossible to fulfill the desire to truly create unless your job centers around creativity. I also believe, however, that this can change by altering your mindset.

In high school, my theater teacher handed me a book by Brene Brown called Big Magic. Although the book seemed a little simple and obvious to me at the time, its messages have become much more relevant as I have gotten older. To put it simply, Brene Brown argues that anyone is capable of turning creative ideas into reality. She also focuses on the idea that even if your career is not creative, you can still incorporate creative hobbies and skills into your daily life. 

I vaguely remember an example of a woman who always wanted to ice skate. She believed that since she did not want to pursue ice skating in a professional sense, skating lessons would be pointless. As she got older, however, she realized that it could simply be a hobby outside of her career. Despite her age, she started taking ice skating lessons and realized that skills and passions can come in many forms. Although her discovery isn’t exactly profound, this story demonstrates that there does not necessarily have to be a logical reason to pursue creativity. You should just follow your intuition and go wherever your creative desires lead you.

I think everyone desires to create in some sort of way. Whether it’s through a hyperrealistic charcoal portrait or simply an aesthetic Pinterest board, everyone is an artist. Creativity is often seen as a performance that can be consumed and critiqued by others, but it can also be something that is deeply personal. Sincere text messages, journal entries, or a Spotify playlist all demonstrate how someone can create something based on how they perceive the world.

Creativity provides the perfect outlet for any emotion. As a result, it can calm down any negative emotions. Sometimes, when I am stressed, I play guitar or draw in my sketchbook as a quick way to find a sense of escapism. Although I am far from a talented guitarist or artist, I am rarely frustrated by my mediocre abilities. I am simply grateful to have the ability to learn and improve my skills through fun hobbies. In fact, I prefer that these skills be hobbies rather than a career because then I have nothing to lose.

The next time you have the urge to pursue a creative skill, listen to your intuition, no matter how strange it might seem. Write that weird fantasy book that you have always thought about. Audition for a musical with no previous experience. Recreate that gorgeous outfit you saw during Paris Fashion Week. At the end of the day, every successful artist starts with a strange idea. They just simply had the courage to pursue it.

Megan Kelly is a writer for Her Campus at the University of Tampa chapter. Focusing mostly on entertainment and lifestyle tips, Megan publishes an array of opinion articles on the site that help readers find anything from new shows to watch to tips for waking up early. Her writing gravitates towards a combination of both trendy topics and whatever she is obsessed with at the moment. Outside of Her Campus, Megan is a junior at the University of Tampa. She is majoring in Advertising and Public Relations, with a concentration in Creative Advertising. She hopes to one day pursue a career as a copywriter or graphic designer within the advertising field. Experienced in digital design softwares, such as Adobe platforms, Megan is interested in all things related to visual media content. From creating designs for her Redbubble shop or designing children’s books, Megan hopes to continue utilizing her digital design skills. In her free time, Megan can often be seen wearing headphones and listening to music genres ranging from indie-pop to 70’s classic rock. Her love of music inspired her to play guitar, learning from artists like Bob Dylan and Hozier. Besides music, Megan also loves watching tv shows and movies, drawing in her sketchbook, exploring nature, and drinking coffee.