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Do you have a significant other during this fall season? If the answer is yes, make them a boo basket. Also, if you want your significant other to know how to make one, send them this article. 

Boo Baskets for Men:

  1. Start off with a basket- it could be plain or Halloween-themed.
  2. Then, get them their favorite candies- preferably Halloween-themed. For example, if they like Reese’s, get them the pumpkin ones.
  3. Get some of their favorite snacks- like their favorite drink or their favorite bag of chips.
  4. Then get them their favorite body wash- if you aren’t sure what they like, get any of the Bath & Body Works men’s ones. They’re all so good.
  5. Next, get them something they’ve been talking about, because they want it- like a Lego set, tickets to see their favorite sports team, or a clothing item.
  6. After this, get them socks and matching Halloween pajamas- so you can take cute photos.
  7. Finally, wrap it up. This can be scary-themed, plain wrapping, or just put everything in the basket and give it to them like that.

Boo Baskets for Women

  1. Starting off with a basket- it must be Halloween-themed or an aesthetic basket with filler.
  2. First, get a blanket- girls love blankets. It must be Halloween-themed.
  3. Next, get them a candle- preferably a fall scent, to fit the theme or their favorite scent.
  4. Then get her a Squishmallow- girls love them, especially the new fall ones.
  5. After that, get her her favorite snacks or pumpkin-themed snacks- for example, the orange crème Oreos if she likes Oreos or pumpkin pie pop tarts or apple cider or pumpkin spice hot chocolate.
  6. Then get them their favorite fall products- like their favorite fall lip combo, or eyeshadow palette, or the fall-scented Bath & Body Works collection.
  7. Get them Uggs- it doesn’t matter where you live; every girl loves Uggs, and it can be the slippers or the mini boots.
  8. Also, get them fall pajamas- get matching ones and do a scary movie night, trust me, they’ll love it.
  9. Lastly, you have to wrap it- it must follow the Halloween theme!

Disclaimer: If you don’t have a significant other and you still want to do this, do it with your friends, make one for your crush, or make yourself one!

Haley Drury is a member and a part of the Social Media Team at the Her Campus at Tampa chapter. She writes articles. Her articles cover lifestyle topics focusing on books and the college experience. Outside of Her Campus, Haley is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Digital Media. She is currently ANAD Coordinater for her sorority Delta Phi Epsilon. Haley enjoys reading, film, and going to the gym in her downtime. She is often lost in a book and will stay up all night to finish it. Haley is probably rewatching or rereading the After series or looking for the latest installment or arguing how #teamJeremiah is the only team that matters.