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Imagine this. You’re jamming out to Baby by Justin Beiber in the car with your friends. All of you are dressed in brightly colored Aeropostale tops, low-rise blue jeans, and your favorite light up-sketchers. You guys are headed to the premiere of The Last Song starring Miley Cyrus. Afterward, you guys are going to the local DQ for a blizzard. Before heading into the movies, you all silence your sparkly flip phones- you don’t wanna be disruptive! You walk in with your friends giggling and crushing over Justin Beiber. It’s the year 2010. 

Many early 2000s babies would say that the early 2010s were the best years of their life. As a 2003 baby, I would do anything to relive my prime years of 2009-2012. Although I was just a young girl during this time, I still remember how happy and free I was. I admired the celebrities, the culture, the clothing style, and the entertainment. People were less consumed by technology and smartphones. Disney Channel was at its prime. Pop music released some of its greatest hits. People used Facebook and Tumblr rather than Snapchat and TikTok. Life, in general, was just better. However, if you’re an early 2010s lover like me, you can still live like it’s the glory years!

Y2K fashion Websites

Start dressing like it’s the early 2000s again! The early 2000s and 2010s era offered unique and upbeat styles that are rare to find these days. From low-rise jeans to Juicy Couture sweatsuits, these y2k-styled fashions are hard to beat! Below I have listed some of the best websites to find y2k fashion.



Early 2000s/2010s music

The early 2000s/2010s were a period of timeless music. In 2010 alone- Tik Tok by Kesha was released, along with California Girls by Katy Perry and OMG by Usher. It’s easy to say that pop music was at its peak. By listening to hit songs from this era, you can feel like you’re going back in time to the glory days! Below are some of my favorite Spotify playlists with top hits from the early 2000s and 2010s.


Books from the early 2000s/2010s

From the iconic teen romance series Twilight to the dystopian phenomenon The Hunger Games, teens during the early 2000s/2010s quickly became obsessed with the literary world. Below I attached a link to the top novels of 2010. Pick up one of the following books from Barnes and Nobel or your local book store, and you’ll feel like you’re a bookworm tween in 2010 again!

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