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Now that the fall season has officially upon us, it is time to destress and stop and smell the roses, or in this case, the sweet smell of pumpkin spice, apple, and cinnamon. Although it may not seem like it here in the Sunshine State, there are still many ways you can get that cozy fall feeling. Here are a couple of my favorite ways that you can ‘spice’ up your life this fall season.

Listen to some good music!

Music is such a great way to help really put you in that fall mindset! There are so many different playlists that you can search on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc., or you can just make your own of all of your fall favs! Here’s a playlist that I made consisting of music I’ve enjoyed listening to during this season!

Bake something!

Whether it’s cookies, pie, or brownies, baking is a great way to get you into the cozy fall spirit. Picture this. It’s dark out, a candle is dimly lit on your kitchen countertop, countless cuddly blankets and pillows sprawled across the couch, your favorite show is playing, and to top it all off, your space is filled with the sweet smell of the delicious dessert you have in the oven, just minutes away from being ready. Not only is baking super fun to do by yourself and with friends, but it also gives your space a pleasant, warm aroma and a treat to look forward to. If you want to amp up the fall vibes even more, try incorporating the typical fall flavors into your treats, like pumpkin bread! No matter what it is you decide to bake, baking is definitely a fun and easy way to get yourself to fall spirit.

Go to the bookstore!

Going to the bookstore and browsing around with your favorite warm(or cold) drink, I would say, is one of the more relaxing pastimes there is, especially during fall. Just the calm feeling of the smell of books around you, usually with some nice music playing in the background, is sometimes all you need to enter that fall headspace. Bookstores are just so nice and cozy and are getting more and more underrated by the day. When I say all of this, I’m mainly talking more about those small local bookstores that you happen to pass by when walking around and going about your day. You know those places where you turn to your friend and go, “That would be such a cute photo spot!” and then you end up never actually walking inside. Try going inside, looking around, and really appreciate the space. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch!

Nothing screams fall more than visiting your local pumpkin patch! It is such a fun activity to do with friends or even by yourself. When you get there, you’re able to pick the best pumpkin, and the possibilities are endless. You can carve your pumpkin, draw/ paint on it, or even turn it into a yummy pumpkin pie!

Anna Attkins is an editor for Hercampus Tampa. As a sophomore, she has had her fair share of good and not-so-good college experiences and she is so excited to share my views and tips and tricks for all of my college girlies out there! She is currently a film and media major planning on adding marketing to that to increase my understanding of others and how the world works so she can help others turn their ideas into reality. Anna has quite a bit of experience in all parts of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, pre-production, camera work, editing, and even acting! Anna has many different interests and hobbies that she is so excited to share with you all. This includes the different types of art and how to get started with unlocking your artistic and creative side. She also loves a variety of different book/movie genres, like fantasy, true crime, and romance, so expect.