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Here’s What Color Matches Your Energy

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Psychologist Carl Jung claimed that “color is the mother tongue of the subconscious”. Many people agree that everyone has a color that matches their personality or “vibe”.  

What description fits the best of you?

A. Passionate, Determined, Ambitious, and Driven.

B. Friendly, Extroverted, Energetic, Amiable, and Positive. 

C. Patient, Understanding, Caring, Supportive, and Easygoing. 

D. Organized, Rational, Focused, Communicative, and Calm. 

🔥If you answered A, you are Fiery Red: The Extraverted Thinker.

☀️If you answered B, you are Sunshine Yellow: The Extraverted Feeler.

🌿If you answered C, you are Earth Green: The Introverted Feeler.

🌊 If you answered D, you are Cool Blue: The Introverted Thinker. 

Although Earth Green matches my profile the best, I like to think of myself as “Ocean Teal”: a mixture of Green and Blue. 

My name's Chrissy, I'm a 2024 graduate and Writing Major/Linguistics Minor at the University of Tampa. When I'm not writing, I enjoy listening to music, swimming, meditating, reading, and good vibes.