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Finding your Personality Number

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

You may have heard of Myers Briggs or using your zodiac sign, but have you heard of the enneagram test? Unlike those that describe your personality in a more surface-level approach, enneagrams dive more into deeper topics like your deepest motivations and how you view life and the world. 


Also known as The Reformer, enneagram 1s live by strong moral codes on what is right and just in the world. Their main desire in life is basically to be good, have integrity, and be balanced in life. Their main fear in life stems from the concept of becoming the exact opposite of what they desire: unfair, mean, not moral. They also tend to be more critical of themselves and put themselves to high standards.


Also known as The Helper, enneagram 2s are empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted people. They tend to be major people who often self-sacrifice, and are generous, and friendly. Sometimes, however, they start doing things for others in order to feel needed rather than genuinely wanting to help others. Their main desire in life is to be loved, and their main fear is to be considered unwanted and unworthy of love by others.


Also known as The Achiever, enneagram 3s strive to be respected and praised by others. They tend to have a self-assured, charming, and attractive personality that draws people to them. They also have a high work drive, which can, if unregulated, turn them into a workaholic. Their main desire is to be valuable and worthwhile to others, while their main fear is being worthless. They tend to put a lot of their worth into how others perceive them, as they often strive to impress and be a role model for others.


Also known as The Individualist, enneagram 4s strive to be seen as a unique individual and not like an ordinary person. They tend to be very reserved, sensitive, and self-aware while also being creative, emotionally honest, and good at getting personal. They do not like being vulnerable to others and typically have problems with experiencing self-pity. Their main desire is to find themselves and find what makes them significant by creating an identity for themself. Their main fear is having no distinct identity and having no personal significance.


Also known as The Investigator, enneagram 5s tend to be curious and insightful people who are able to develop complex ideas and skills. They are very innovative and independent, but they also can become a bit detached due to being in their head quite a bit. Their main desire is to be capable and competent, while their main fear is being useless, incapable, or helpless.


Also known as The Loyalist, enneagram 6s are committed and security-orientated. They tend to get defensive and anxious and run on stress but also are reliable, hard-working, and trustworthy. They tend to struggle with suspicion and doubt in themselves. Their main desire is to have support and security, while their main fear is to be without those things.


Also known as The Enthusiast, enneagram 7s are extroverted, playful, and optimistic. They have many talents but can often become too unorganized in them, causing them to become distracted and exhausted. Their main desire is to be satisfied and content, while their main fair is to be deprived of those and to be in pain.


Also known as The Challenger, enneagram 8s are very confident in themselves, strong, and assertive. They may seem ego-sententric and domineering at times, but they just want, at their highest, to use their strengths to improve others’ lives. They enjoy taking control of things, sometimes becoming confrontational and intimidating. Their main desire is to be in control of their own life and to protect themself, while their main fear is to be harmed or controlled by others.


Also known as The Peacemaker, enneagram 9s are creative and optimistic but can also be too willing to go along with others at times in order to keep the peace. They do not like conflict or anything upsetting, simplifying problems so they are less stressful. Their main desire is to have peace of mind, while their main fear is to have loss and separation.

Anna Attkins is an editor for Hercampus Tampa. As a sophomore, she has had her fair share of good and not-so-good college experiences and she is so excited to share my views and tips and tricks for all of my college girlies out there! She is currently a film and media major planning on adding marketing to that to increase my understanding of others and how the world works so she can help others turn their ideas into reality. Anna has quite a bit of experience in all parts of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, pre-production, camera work, editing, and even acting! Anna has many different interests and hobbies that she is so excited to share with you all. This includes the different types of art and how to get started with unlocking your artistic and creative side. She also loves a variety of different book/movie genres, like fantasy, true crime, and romance, so expect.