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Never ever did I think I would spend $40 on a set of masks. What has the world come to?


Fashion Alert! There is a new accessory out there and it’s called… The mask. Let’s be honest with each other here Covid-19 is the new Influenza, meaning it will not go away and there will be a vaccine for it... Eventually. For now, since there are no vaccines that have proven to be 100% effective, we must settle with CDC Guidelines: stay six feet apart, wash your hands, avoid large crowds and Wear a Mask!


Yes, they are annoying and not cute, but would you rather have COVID? Your answer probably should be no thank you. 


Ladies, there are cute masks out there I promise you and I got you! Not only are these masks cute but they also fit perfectly, and they use bathing suit material, which is easier to breathe in and super easy to clean. My favorite brand is MAAJI. 


MAAJI is well known for their reversible bathing suit and super unique prints. The company is owned by two sisters, Amalia and Manuela Sierra, who are originally from Colombia. The company started out with swimwear but now they have sleepwear, workout clothes and now masks. This brand is on the pricier side. However, you get 5 reversible masks, which technically is 10 masks for 40$. I currently own a set of their masks and they fit my face perfectly and I am always asked where I get them. So here you guys, MAAJI.




Now if you are looking for something on the more affordable side, I still got you girl. Two words, Dippin Daisy. This is another swimwear company that also sells masks made out of swimwear material. Guess what? Their masks are 10$ each providing you with a variety of different options to go with your outfit. Not only is Dipping Daisy less expensive than MAAJI but you get to pick and choose which mask you want and how many you want instead of buying a set.

Who knew a virus could have an impact on the Fashion Industry? Corona definitely showed us. So, ladies stay safe and wear your mask. It's officially part of your outfit!


Love You Mucho,


I am originally from Puerto Rico but also 50% Haitian. I speak four different language fluently ( English, Spanish, French and Creole).I am a junior studying Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Tampa. My interest include Beauty, Fashion and Health&Fitness. I am currently interning at an event company and I have been able to discover that I would love to have a career in social media management for a fashion or a beauty brand.However can wait to discover what other careers spark my interest. In the Future I hope to live somewhere in Europe!
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