Don't Even Think About Getting On A Plane Without These Things!

Travel is probably my most burning passion and, obviously, I LOVE to write about it. I have done extensive travel especially within the last few years. I have perfected my list of travel must-haves. *These products are all products I own and I have traveled with in the past that I know work for me.*


1. Fjällräven Kanken - Mini

This is literally the perfect bag for travel because it’s just big enough to fit all your necessities, but small enough to still be a trendy accessory without it dragging you down. Fjällräven is one of my favorite brands (I have three of their backpacks). They’re great material, very sturdy, and definitely worth the price. I bought mine in Europe, so you won’t look like a tourist either, BONUS!


2. Milk Makeup - Blur Stick

If you only take one item of makeup, make it the blur stick! The Milk Makeup Blur Stick is the perfect product to throw on your face when you’re traveling. I love this product because when I travel, a lot of the time, it’s go-go-go! I don’t always have time to do a full face, but that is okay! When I travel I don’t love to carry around a whole case of makeup anyways, especially on weekend trips when I just have carry-ons. This product will “blur” your face, it will get rid of oil, and hide imperfections and make your skin look even. Effortless look to say the least.


3. Everyone For Every Body - Hand Sanitizer 

When you’re traveling, you’re taking public transport, eating at restaurants, and visiting attractions. There’s germs everywhere!! I take this spray hand sanitizer everywhere because it will fit in a carry-on bag, and it smells so good, not the harsh alcohol scent. And, they are a natural organic brand, we love to see it. Even if it’s not this hand sanitizer, take any hand sanitizer, you will thank me later.


4. Teddy Jacket

This jacket is the super fluffy ones that were trending in 2019. I’ve had a couple of these throughout my life, and they’re really worth the hype. I did a lot of traveling in the cold, and this was the only jacket I needed, I didn’t have to layer. And, the neutral colors go with almost any outfit. I get just FRIGID on airplanes and this jacket was the bomb because it’s like having a blanket. For reference, I got mine ~slightly~ oversized for that purpose, and for styling purposes (wearing it off my shoulders, unzipping it half way, what have you). I got my most recent teddy jacket from Forever 21 on sale, but they’re sold everywhere.


5. Non-Scannable Passport Holder

The scammers in the world are no joke! There is now technology that can scan your passport through bags and cases. I have always traveled around with a non-scannable passport cover because identity theft is not something I’m rocking with. There’s not much more to say about this, just get one.


6. Patronics - Portable Charger

This is a product I’d recommend investing in. Buy one that will charge up to four full batteries at least. The ones from Patronics are actually pretty small and will fit in your back pocket even. These will come in handy during long plane rides, when you need to take a picture and your phone is dead, and when you forget to bring the right adapter for that country, ah!


7. Apple - World Travel Adapter Kit

So this is a kit I would buy before I went anywhere. This kit comes with five adapters that (one) will be compatible with almost any country in the world. This is a worthy investment, especially if you plan on doing a lot of traveling in the future. It saves you the time and hassle of finding an adapter as soon as you get in the country to charge your stuff. All you have to do with this kit is flip it over and find the country or countries you’re visiting and throw them in your suitcase.


I could add so many products to this list, but I would say these are the absolute necessities that you shouldn’t leave home without. Happy Travels!