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What are they?

The cognitive functions are how one perceives the world, memorizes events, takes in information, and makes decisions. 

Fi (Introverted Feeling)- The ability to be empathetic towards others and to make decisions based on one’s own personal value system. 

Fe (Extroverted Feeling)- the ability to connect with other people and to make decisions based on observations. 

Ne (Extraverted Intuition)- the ability to think outside the box, focus on the bigger picture, and recognize trends and patterns 

Ni (Introverted Intuition)- the ability to focus on the future and accurately predict what will happen 

Se (Extroverted Sensing)- the ability to focus on the here and the now and engage with the world using the five senses 

Si (Introverted Sensing)- the ability to store information in one’s mind and retrieve it later when needed 

Te (Extroverted Thinking)- the ability to approach the world in a logical and strategic way 

Ti (Introverted Thinking)- the ability to analyze or “test” information in one’s mind 

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