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Campus Cutie: Myles Wharram

Age: 20

Classification: Sophomore

Hometown: Pepperell, Massachusetts

Major: International Business & Entrepreneurship

Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle

Favorite pick-up line: “You go up to two girls and ask if they’ve heard of the 2 for 1 special… two of you and one of me, now isn’t that special.”

Music Taste: “The band Aer”

Who is a person you admire: “My dad because he has a Ph D in Biochemical engineering and he has a strong work ethic and has inspired me to work hard.”

Who is your celebrity crush: “Scarlett Johansson”

Best feature a girl can have: “Pretty eyes and I like girls that are spontaneous and can always make me laugh.”

Favorite place to go in Tampa: “A restaurant on the boardwalk called Taste of Boston.”

Plans after graduating: “I want to play on the MGA Hooters Tour and continue to purse my dream of being a professional golfer.”

Three words to describe yourself: “Spontaneous, determined and outgoing”

Most embarrassing moment: “I was a senior in high school and I went to visit my friend, who was in college. One of the nights I stayed I slept walk and woke up in the elevator with just my underwear on …. it was bad.”

How did you get started in golf: “I was a freshman in high school when my dad got me interested in playing. Then by my senior year I qualified for the Callaway World Juniors at Torrey Pines in California and have been playing ever since.”


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