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Campus Cutie: Mike Calkins

Age: 19 

Classification: Sophomore 

Hometown: Oneonta, New York

Major: Economics

Relationship status: Single!!!!!!!

Favorite pick-up line: If I told you that you had a nice body would you hold it against me?

Music taste: Country. My favorite song right now is “Rewind” by Rascal Flatts.

Who is a person you admire? I definitely admire my mom because she treats everyone with the utmost admiration, respect and gratitude, and she is such a sincere person.

Who is your celebrity crush? Taylor Swift

Best feature a girl can have: A nice smile

Favorite place to go in Tampa: Clearwater Beach 

Plans after graduating: I plan to join a marketing firm in California and start my successful business career from there.

Five words to describe yourself: Joyful, optimistic, determined, flirtatious and respectful.

Most embarrassing moment: In the 9th grade, I was going to ask a girl out, but someone else beat me to it. I lost all faith in women since then haha.

How did you start playing baseball? When I was younger, my brother, who played for his high school at the time, taught me how to play and I always wanted to be just like him. I’ve played ever since and I’m now on the UT baseball team.

Fun Fact: I’m the youngest of five siblings.

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