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Campus Cutie: Jake Van Loon

His time has come ladies! Meet this week’s campus cutie, Jake Van Loon! This Entrepreneurship and Writing double major is in his “third year of many” at UT. Although he is a very busy individual, he was able to answer a few questions for me!

What is your involvement on campus?

I get to do some work with SG and I have a job in OSLE. I am Philanthropy Chair and a member educator for my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Do you do anything off campus in your free time?

I like to write and read in my free time, I always have a little red notebook with me. I have been doing the combat sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for almost four years now. I have some great cauliflower ears. 

Why did you choose UT?

Wanted urban and Florida that was not Miami. The choice was obvious. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Red wine, chocolate and things with my girlfriend I shouldn’t mention. 

Favorite thing you’ve done at UT?

Doing Relay for Life, hands down. My freshman year I did the whole night. Favorite things I have done for work is run Greek Week and speak at Freshman Convocation 

Best date you’ve gone on-if that hasn’t happened yet, what is your ideal date?

Going paddle boarding and a cold drink on the beach after. Then a big steak dinner. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

Jennifer Lawrence and a crossfit athlete named Christmas Abbot. There is something about a fit girl with tattoos….

What do you want to do before you graduate?

Go back to Brazil and finish a good term in SG. 

What would you do without your handy dandy journals?

I would DIE. Whenever my mind starts to go, my hand starts to write in the air. I might have a problem.

What is the back story of your flamingo tattoo? (If you don’t mind me asking)

I am really lucky to have some great friends back home. We had a tradition of stealing garden flamingos and it grew into a trademark of sorts. I have pictures of me graduating high school holding a plastic flamingo like a football. 

There you have it ladies, THE Jake Van Loon! While it may seem like he has a full plate, he is definitely a great person to be around and really ‘makes’ the atmosphere what it is.

Emily Schonaerts is currently a Junior at the University of Tampa where she is studying Criminology and Psychology. While a St. Louis native and natural red head, she currently calls Orlando her home. When not focusing on academics, Emily can be found with her Alpha Chi Omega sisters crafting and promoting Greek unity or protecting the campus as a Desk Assistant at Campus Safety and Security.If not seen on campus, Emily can be found at Disney's Hollywood Studios giving tours into the movies at The Great Movie Ride! While only a part time Tour Guide, you can bet she is full of knowledge and fun facts about Disney and The Great Movie Ride-which is in fact a ride.Being a Junior means it is almost time to become a real adult, but for now, nothing is better than being an almost adult while still trying to figure out how to make a Criminology degree like a degree in Forensics."And I'll see you at the movies, the stuff dreams are made of."
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