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Campus Cutie: Caity Berk


Name: Caity Berk


Age: 19


Major: Marine Science & Biology


Class: Freshman


Hometown: Dresher, PA


Involvement on campus: Honors Program, Hall Council, and Avid Yoga Class Attendee


Single or nah:  LOL



Where is your favorite place on campus to eat?  Salsa Rico


What is your favorite thing about UT? The proximity to the city


What are three words to describe you? Loud, hungry, “mom”


What is your craziest UT memory? Gasparilla




What is your guilty pleasure? Eating an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies in a single sitting


If you could be a food what would you be? A Mango


What do you miss most about home? My local diner


One thing you could never live without? My Birkenstocks


Would you rather have rabbit feet or a turtle shell? Turtle shell so I could hide from everyone


What is your favorite thing about Tampa? Cheap hockey tickets


If you could live anywhere where would you live? Atlantis


What house would you be sorted into at Hogwarts? Gryffindor




Favorite holiday? Halloween


Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast? Dinner for breakfast #TeamLeftovers


Chipotle or Qdoba? Moe’s


Dunkin or Starbucks? Wawa

Sam is Campus Correspondent for the University of Tampa! She is a communications major with a concentration in media studies and a minor in new media production. For someone who is barely five feet tall, Sam has big aspirations. She hopes to become the next Rachel Hollis or Miranda Priestly. If all else fails however, she’ll have an exciting future as Mrs. Justin Bieber! Sam talks non stop about her sorority, Pi Beta Phi and can easily be spotted on campus wearing her letters. She is an avid brunch goer and disney enthusiast. Buy her some cheesecake and you're guaranteed friends.
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