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Campus Celebrity: Kristin Anderson


If you’re a UT student then it is safe to say you have either personally met or heard of this week’s Campus Celebrity. Kristin Anderson, a junior studying Advertising and Public Relations has her hand in what seems like every campus organization.

Currently she is actively a part of Student Government, Honors Council, Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Epsilon Iota, Order of Omega and a few smaller clubs. Not only is she active, she holds various office positions ranging from president to treasurer and everything in between. In addition she works in OSLE as Student Coordinator of Student Organizations and on the women’s crew team as a heavyweight athlete.

She’s an extremely active student, but she wasn’t always this way. In high school she was not even close to being as involved as she is now. The first two weeks of her freshman year on campus she hated school. She called her mom for advice and she was told to get more involved on campus and to find her niche. And this advice sparked Kristin’s participation. She joined one club and met friends and student leaders that urged her to join more and more clubs. She describes the experience as a “trickle effect” that made her realize how many awesome people there are to work with on campus. According to Kristin, one of the best parts of being so involved are all the ranges of people you meet. She has over 125 sisters, and is friends with the president of the chess team and the bodybuilding club. Now who can say that?

As a result, Kristin is always on the go. But how does she do it? Her advice: Get a personalized planner. Every girl needs one. And make sure to prioritize. For Kristin class comes first, her work, and then her organizations fall in place afterwards.

When she’s not busy with her schoolwork, organizations, or jotting down in her personalized agenda, she unwinds and relaxes by get this, doing manual labor on a nearby farm! She likes it because it requires little thought and doesn’t restrain her to a desk. She’s been showing cattle since she was younger. It’s her go to hobby.  Kristin is an outdoorsy kind of girl and loves being in nature.

And of course we all want to know, where does Kristin get all her clothes? Between her cardigans and button downs, she is always one of UT’s best-dressed young professionals. Her favorites are Ann Taylor and J. Crew.

“Honestly I can justify spending $100 on a pencil skirt if I know I’m going to always look topnotch” says Kristen. “If it fits well, you’ll feel well.”

Kristin’s mantra: You can sleep when you’re dead.


“This is exactly how I’ve lived college. Even if I’m busy during the week I’ll still sure that I make time for my friends and family. The things that are really important to me. You know what, maybe I only get three hours of sleep at night but I know I’m enjoying everything that I’m doing!” says Kristen. 

T-Age' Williams is a junior at The University of Tampa majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Spanish. Originally from NYC, she has a slight (ok, maybe a little more than slight) obsession with Sex and The City, art museums, and trying new foods. As an advocate for healthier lifestyles and a pescatarian, she loves sushi and anything with avocado. In her free time she likes yoga, cooking new recipes, thrift shopping, and watching cartoons. Her ultimate goals are to become editor of a fashion magazine, learn French, and have a pet pig named Seraphina.
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