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Campus Celebrity Greek Edition: Tau Pi Alpha’s


     Each week, we normally feature one individual on campus; however, this week one whole organization shined instead. Therefore, a new series will be starting called Campus Celebrity Greek Edition, and the first feature will be the Tau Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. 

     On December 4, 1906 “Seven Jewels “ founded the organization known today as Alpha Phi Alpha at Cornell University. Over a 100 years later this organization still continues to grow, and impart outstanding gentlemen on both college campuses and the community. 

     The Tau Pi Chapter was installed on UT’s campus in the fall of 2002. Approximately 25 members have “crossed over” into this chapter, and UT has “Four Jewels” that are active on campus. Due to scheduling conflicts all could not be present, but two members were able to provide a deeper insight into the “Old Gold” that is present at UT. Plus, how they continue to ensure their fraternity promotes brotherhood through good deeds, scholarship opportunities, and showing love to all mankind. 

     Past Campus Celebrity Ricky Hart, a 22-year old management major from Atlanta, Georgia is the President of the Tau Pi Chapter. Nashown Williams, a 22-year old Biology major from Orlando, Florida is also an active member.

     “I was told at a young age to figure out what you do for an organization. Or what can you bring to the table,” said Ricky when asked why did he become an Alpha.  As a small chapter Ricky aspired to join an organization where he be a part of something bigger than himself, and bring forth some new ideas. 

     So what makes the Alphas stand out from other organizations at UT? Nashown believes that the events that Tau Pi holds allow them to implement more diversity. For instance, the Miss Black & Gold 2014 Scholarship Pageant is an annual event. Anyone that attends can expect it to be unique, but also strive to promote a traditional feeling. 

     “The way that we carry and present ourselves,” adds Ricky on why this organization stands out. “We are always gentlemen no matter what situation or circumstance we encounter. We always have a positive mindset, and know we can overcome any obstacle.”

     These charismatic gentlemen are definitely fulfilling big roles, and are also maintaining a prestigious legacy. They hope that despite the stereotypes that are out there others will look beyond, and note their involvement on campus, efforts to better the community, showcasing their members as individuals, and having personal connections will allow a deeper glance into the men of Tau Pi. Also both men note two quotes they live by they keep in mind as they continue to pursue success socially, personally, and academically. “To who much is given much is required,” and “You wouldn’t be where you are without the help of others, so create opportunities where you can do the same for someone else.” 

Kyetra Bryant, or Kye for short is a Junior at The University of Tampa. She is the Social Media Director and a Staff Writer for her chapter. Kye was born in Germany, but has spent most of her life on the East Coast of the United States. She is pursuing a B.A. in Journalism, two minors in Spanish and New Media Production, and a Certificate in International Studies. In her meantime she loves to read and write articles or short stories. Her top three obsessions are music, manga and online shopping. She aspires to one day be a Travel Writer and published author. Feel free to follow her personal blog at curiouskye.wordpress.com or on Twitter @_KyeB.
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