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Campus Celebrity: Dan Holahan

Campus Celebrity: Dan Holahan

This week’s Campus Celebrity likes to volunteer and help others during his free time, can speak Swedish, and loves pizza just as much as the rest of us.  

All the way from Winchester, Massachusetts, Dan is a sophomore studying Management.

Dan is a very busy student as he is a Student Coordinator of the PEACE Volunteer Center, Operations Chair for the Hult Prize, Public Relations Director for St. Jude Up ’til Dawn, a member of the Student Conduct Board and an ELITE mentor. He is working as an intern for an event marketing company, as well.     

Dan has already accomplished so much as a second year student, and he says that his UT experience has been filled with so many memorable moments thus far. He received the PEACE Alternative Break Participant of the Year Award at Leadership Awards Night in 2015. Dan went on a life-changing Alternative Break trip to Baltimore, Maryland, that focused on Food Insecurity and Sustainability. The experience intensified his passion for community service, and led him to participate on another Alternative Break later that semester to San Francisco, California. In addition, it opened the doors to many other community engagement opportunities and programs at UT in which he became more involved with the PEACE organization. Dan is very excited because in May 2016, he will be co-leading the Alternative Break to Ecuador. 

When Dan has some free time to relax and unwind from his busy schedule, he enjoys lying in a hammock in Plant Park, attending farmers’ markets, cooking with friends and trying new hobbies, such as beekeeping.  

You can find him enjoying a turkey club during lunch at Oxford Exchange. When he wants to watch some Netflix with his roommate, he will automatically put on Parks and Recreation.

Dan is really appreciative for being able to work in the PEACE office that is filled with passionate, diverse and like-minded students. “They’ve created a culture that I love and sense of family; I couldn’t have asked for a better staff, co-student coordinator, and advisor.”  Even though he is just a Student Coordinator for PEACE, he hopes in ten years to be directing his own non-profit or business that is centered on community service and philanthropy. Dan would also like to travel to India as he believes that it is a country highly referenced in our culture, but seldom do we take the chance to experience it fully and visit the area. We may see Dan riding on the back of an elephant someday!

Dan looks forward to his next couple of years in college and wants to experience as much as he can, on and off campus, that is centered around volunteerism and giving back to the community.  Some advice that he would give to future freshmen is to take advantage of the opportunities UT and the local area have to offer. “Regardless of what your interests are, you can find an outlet to pursue and develop your passions. A lot of these opportunities contribute both to individual growth, as well as having some positive impact on the community around you. I value both greatly, and encourage students to take part in these incredible experiences as well.”


You can follow Dan on Instagram @ dholahan.

Jennifer McElroy is currently a Senior earning a degree in Communications and a double minor in Advertising and Applied Dance. She has resided in Florida for most of her life and lives in the sunny and beautiful Sarasota. When Jennifer is not in dance rehearsals or stuck in her room doing homework, she enjoys going to the gym, shopping, spending quality time with friends, and eating cookies.
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