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For the last couple of years, I have been obsessed with plants and I want so many—too many. I currently have about 7 in my dorm room, and seeing them brings me joy. I haven’t been very adventurous with my plant selection, just getting what I think is cute at stores. Lately, I have been on PlantTok and it makes me want to learn more about them and venture out of my collection. I will only talk about houseplants since I cannot have outdoor plants.

The one plant I have heard the most about is the Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)— they are super easy to grow since they are not picky about light, water, or temperature. They also grow fast and produce lots of offspring, so you can continuously get more plants for yourself or to gift to others.

Another plant that I have heard a lot about is a Snake Plant (S trifasciata). They are very tough and enjoy lots of light, but they can handle less if necessary. Overwatering can hurt them, but it requires a lot of water for that. 

Most of the plants I have are succulents or cacti of some sort. I have always heard, “you can’t kill a cactus” (which you definitely can). They do not require a lot of water, so if you are one to forget, these might be the best for you. They need good drainage since they prefer little water. 

One plant that I have wanted to get is Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana). They do even better than succulents and cacti in “bad” conditions. They can thrive with little water, poor lighting, and poor air quality. Many people also believe they bring good luck and enhance the energy of their surroundings.

If you are looking to get a plant, hopefully, this might help you choose what kind of plant you want. 

Kendra Geatz Cybersecurity major at the University of Tampa I am passionate about animals, music, nature, and the beach
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