Autumn Daydreams

     On a breezy and cloudy Autumn morning, a girl named Emma walked between the trees with fallen orange leaves. She was enjoying the gush of fresh air and taking out the leaves that got stuck in her hair. Not long after, she reached a donut shop to have a plain old glazed donut paired up with a pumpkin spice latte for breakfast. There’s not much to see here, just a girl who now feels cozy with a hot drink on a cold day. The walk home was even windier, and that’s when her scarf flew, making her run for it. However, as soon as Emma crouched down to get it, a hand could be felt on hers as warm as the latte in her other hand. 

     However, even when she lifted her head, she didn’t immediately realize to whom that hand belonged. After a few uncomfortable seconds though, she finally recognized him. Alexander, her middle school best friend, who left for a year to London. Now, he bore no resemblance to his past self as his clothes are fashionable, he wears glasses and the braces and acne are gone. The only two things that stayed the same are Alex’s warm and kind eyes, as well as his welcoming smile. Right then and there, Emma imagined what it would be like to feel his hug again and what it would feel to make him laugh like the good old times. That didn’t take long to happen though.

     All of her daydreams came to a halt when she felt Alex wave his hands right in front of her face. They laughed it off and he offered to walk her home as he didn’t have class today. What he didn’t know was that neither did she. So, upon reaching Emma’s house, she invited him in for a very wonderful and cozy afternoon of playing video games, watching movies while eating popcorn and jamming to songs from the 90’s and the 2000’s. That day could never have been imagined on her wildest daydreams, a smile spread from ear to ear. She got her best friend back in such a surprising way, and that’s when she thought of how grateful she was to be alive. Emma went to bed that night thanking the universe for all that she had and received.