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An Unforgettable Concert: Noah Kahan’s Stick Season Tour Visits Tampa

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

On October 10th, Noah Kahan blew the audience away with an outstanding performance at MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre in Tampa, Fla. The “Stick Season” and “You’re Gonna Go Far” artist made the crowd go through a whirlwind of emotions with his amazing vocals and deep lyrics. He also turned out to be a super personable, friendly, and funny person. He made the concert feel so intimate in such a big theater, making it an amazing experience.

Hours before the concert, my roommate was begging me to go with her. After some convincing, she finally got me to agree to go. I’m not one to act on a whim, but I didn’t want to miss out on what seemed like a great opportunity. I also am usually not a concert-goer, but she convinced me, and I’m so appreciative that she did. I may not have known every song, but the vibes were immaculate, and everyone there was just there to have a great time.

Noah Kahan sang “Stick Season,” “Orange Juice,” “You’re Gonna Go Far,” “Maine,” and even more of his hits. Before every song, a small synopsis was given on what it was about and what it meant to him. Doing so really connected him with the audience and made everyone laugh. Kahan made super relatable jokes and also talked about relatable serious matters. When introducing an unreleased song, he talked about his upbringing and how therapy has treated him. This was super vulnerable, and the unreleased song was so touching. I really hope the song gets released soon because it was a tear-jerker and just so brutally honest.

I love how Kahan writes what he feels, and you can feel his vulnerability in his lyrics. I teared up at the songs I knew, the songs I was hearing for the first time, and the songs no one even knew existed. It was an emotional rollercoaster for everyone in the audience. I did wish a special guest was brought out because that would’ve been super exciting. I was hoping for someone like Hozier, Lizzie McAlpine, or someone similar, but unfortunately, no one else came out on stage. On the other hand, Kahan didn’t even need a special guest because he was so great on his own with his band.

The opener was a singer named Samia, and she did amazing as well. I had never heard of her, and she seemed so thrilled to be on stage performing. Her songs had a really similar vibe to Noah Kahan’s, and everyone was vibing with her music. Her voice was pitch-perfect, which was super satisfying as well. One song, “Kill Her Freak Out,” stuck out to me because it had such intense emotion, and the audience liked it instantly. She seemed so comfortable on stage, and I feel like she sang better than a lot of famous singers we already know.

It was a fantastic concert, and I definitely will be attending more in the future. It’s so important to go with your gut, hop on once in a lifetime opportunities, and not be afraid to spend some extra money. I really would have regretted not going, and I have a new appreciation for Noah Kahan and his genre of music. Hopefully, you will get to catch him on tour or go to a concert soon, too! Here are some of his upcoming tour dates and locations: Noah Kahan Tickets & 2023-2024 Tour Dates | Vivid Seats

Mya Cocchiola is a senior at The University of Tampa and is part of the editing team for Her Campus at Tampa chapter. Her articles are mainly about experiences, wellness, academics, and relationships. This school year, Mya is interning as a Marketing Assistant at Foodie Card, a subscription-based program that provides discounts while eating out and donates meals. She also works at Jeni’s Ice Cream! She is an Advertising and Public Relations major with a concentration in PR and is considering pursuing a marketing career or even law school. At home in New York, Mya has 2 Labradors and loves spending time with her sisters, parents, and friends. In Tampa, she loves to go to the beach, get coffee, and work out with her friends. She also just finished watching the Breaking Bad trilogy!