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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

I scroll on TikTok a lot. I see “get ready with me” videos, I see DIY’s, I see dog videos- I see it all. What I see the most, however, is “a day in the life” videos. Countless people detail all the hyper-interesting things they do during their day. While most are more extraordinary- think “Day in the Life during NYFW”- there are also more local creators that follow just a typical DITL of a college student. They do all the same things I do: class, homework, gym, etc. It couldn’t be that difficult to do it.

So, when the text came in the group chat about doing a TikTok, I was all for it. I could totally bring people around with me all day- I already post on my private story constantly. Was this absolutely out of my comfort zone? Yes. But I was sure it would be easy. I alerted the authorities- my roommates.

Guys, I’m making a TikTok for HerCampus, so if you see me recording myself… pretend you don’t.

They were excited, my hubris was insane, and the whole day was ahead of me. I woke up earlier than usual. I can’t just make breakfast and mope around. I have to be interesting; I have to be TikTok-worthy. I brushed my teeth- wait- I set my phone up, then brushed my teeth. I laid out my next outfit, of course setting my phone up first. It was a lot more stopping and going than I thought it would be. I made my bed, but when I watched it back, I thought I looked weird in the shot. Do I… remake my bed? Is that weird? As I ran on the riverwalk, I internally screamed as I held my phone up in the air- do people think I’m a phony? Do I look crazy?

Throughout the day, I realized just how involved the world of ‘creating’ is. My respect for creators went up astronomically. Seeing how to balance trying to ‘live in the moment’ and capturing that living for my newfound audience was something I was never prepared for. In the time of social media as a job, being a student, a creator, and also just a college kid seems daunting. While I have very supportive roommates (thank you, Kayla, for helping me reshoot a coffee mug twice), I couldn’t imagine trying to pursue this without support. Hearing the whispers of people next to me as I recorded myself studying was unnerving, and I couldn’t even imagine setting my phone up at the gym.  

For some final thoughts: be nice to your neighborhood creators; it’s a lot more work and, at times, embarrassment than you think it is. And if I magically become famous from my one “day in the life,” the HerCampus girls made it possible.

Amey DiSisto is a writer at Her Campus at the University of Tampa. Her articles touch on topics of the film and journalism industry. Outside of Her Campus, Amey is a sophomore at Tampa, double majoring in Journalism and Communication, Media and Culture. Amey enjoys the beach (why Florida is the perfect fit), going to NHL games, and listening to yacht rock as often as possible. As someone that almost went into film, Amey will watch any movie that is recommended to her- as long as she can watch The Sandlot or Grease afterwards.