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The 9 Worst Breakup Tips You’ve Gotten

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Sometimes in life, the worst advice that you get is from the people who love you the most. No matter how many bad breakups you go through over the course of your life, there is no manual to prepare for the bad post break-up advice that comes from family, friends, and sometimes even strangers. We have prepared for you a list of some of the worst advice we have given, received, or been told.

“It’s okay; he probably had a small weenie anyway.”

This may be one of the most common pieces of ‘advice’ to ever come out of someone’s mouth. A staple in the girl code, this one dates back to when Danny ignored Sandy.

“Change your Netflix password, you don’t want that a*shole watching free movies!”

The only thing worse than taking a man’s car keys and video games is depriving him of the one thing that every man needs: every season of Breaking Bad at their fingertips. Sorry dude, go buy your own subscription.


 “Don’t worry there’s plenty of di*ks in the sea. If he treated you well, it’d be a different story”

Sometimes the best advice is the bluntest of them all.

“Oh you broke up? I guess that means you’ll have to find someone else to never stop talking about.”

Admit it. We’ve all had that one relationship where every other word out of our mouth is someone’s name. The best advice after that break up is from the friend who heard your ex’s name 34,985 times in the past week.

“Go out and find a better looking guy, that’ll show him!”

This is strictly a dad quote. Dads all over the world are terrible at handling daughter’s breakups. At least when you told him you were “broken” he didn’t say “hi broken, I’m dad.”

“It’ll hurt until it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

 Sounds like something the doctor would say after jamming a six inch needle into your arm. But as obvious as it seems, it is true. Once the pain goes away, the pain stops.


“Wipe the tears off of your face, no wonder they broke up with you”

-Like we said before, bluntness is the best way to go. However, there is such a thing as being too blunt.


“You broke up with him!? You better go over there and apologize to him and his parents.”

Sometimes, your mother seems to love your ex more than she loves you. Blood is thicker than water, but the bond between a boyfriend and his girlfriend’s mother is eternal. Just remember that every boy you date after better look just like him so she’ll never know the difference.

“Bully his new girlfriend online.”

 I had a friend who did this and more than half of the school ended up joining in. The plus side, they went to different schools. The downside, their parents were still friends. The lesson, don’t listen to a group of hormonal teenage girls for post break-up advice.

Brianna is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, studying journalism. She is the current Vice President of HerCampusUT. When she is not writing, or reading, she enjoys soaking up the Florida sun, and rubbing it in the faces of her friends who live up north via Snapchat. You can often find Brianna biking on Bayshore, at a country concert, or in front of the TV bawling over the Bachelor. 
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