9 Reasons We Walked Away From Relay for Life 2015 Smiling

Relay for Life is one of the biggest events on campus all year. With all of UT’s organizations and students alike gathered together in pitched tents and tables around the track, it’s easy to say that some of our best memories are made at Relay for Life each year.

This year, aside from helping raise money for the American Cancer Society, there was a lot more to be smiling about leaving the track at the end (or beginning) of the day.

1. The food

Mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, pancakes, Krispy Crème donuts, cupcakes, burgers, hotdogs, the list goes on and on. A rough estimate of 5 pounds was probably gained throughout the course of the day. Oh well!


2. You went around the world in less than 24 hours

With this year’s theme being “Around the World,” you really won’t be lying when you tell people you spent your day hitting up countries around the globe. When else can you adventure from Israel to The Bahamas to Holland in just a light stroll?


3. Getting pied 

You can all check off “pie a friend in the face” from your bucket list now. Whether they saw it coming or not, the reactions were the best part.


4. Spending the day with your friend

You never know what new information you’re going to learn about your friends during a game of Cards Against Humanity while waiting for people to come to your table.


5. Drag show

Guys running around in heels and dresses at 2am for money, seriously I don’t think you can top that.


6. Luminarie lights

Taking a break in the middle of the event to silently remember those fighting and those who have fought in the battle against cancer is always a breathtaking moment. It’s a reminder of all the work we have put forth in the fight against cancer. It’s a time to grieve, but also to have hope that our future will be brighter and cancer-free.

7. Making new friends 

Sorry, Drake there are no no new friends here. Every. Single. Organization is there, and there is no way that you already knew each and every one of them. So sharing a same-paced lap around the track or love of the mac ‘n cheese table was an easy way to make a new friend.


8. Fishy friends 

If you were lame and didn’t make any new friends at Relay this year, at least there was the option to make a non-human friend! Little Squishy’s were up for sale and as a prize for one of the table’s fundraisers!


9. Bait and bail your friends

When else are you ever going to get to tell your parents you bailed your friend out of jail and not have them actually need to freak out? It’s a little satisfying setting your friend up to get captured in Relay prison and watch them squirm until someone posts their bail money – which usually isn’t for a while because let’s be real, we usually don’t want to bail them out just yet.



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