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8 Things that Change with Fall

Leaves arent the only things that change in the fall, we basically become different people as the season changes


1.  Makeup goes from barely there, light pinks to deep purples, reds, and maroon with a smokey eye

2.  Hair color

gotta switch that up to, from sun bleached hair to auburn hues

3.  Starbucks Flavors!

Did someone say Pumpkin Spiced Latte?  We even got a new fall flavor this year, Toasted Graham Latte!  Nothing gets us into the fall spirit better than a fall inspired Starbucks drink.

4.  Style

our style goes from gym clothes and bathings suit cover ups (lazy) to fall fashionista! We can finally wear those ADORABLE booties, cargo jacket and go through our collection of scarves

5. Our Diets

Fall is known for its delicious pies and harty meals, so our diets tend to go from petite green salads to thanksgiving feasts.. No Shame.

6.  Our Motivation

The colder the weather gets the warmer our beds feel, After halloween is over we just wanna stay inside in our warm comfy clothes and watch Holiday movies all day and night.  

7.  Movies

Theres a variety of movies that play all year round but as soon as it hits October every halloween movie ever is on constant repeat

8.  Booze

Coffee isnt the only drink that can get us in the fall mood, in the evening we switch over to some fall inspired beers and cocktails.  

Amalie Laigaard is a Junior at the University of Tampa, majoring in Public Health and Wellness.  She was born in Denmark, raised in New Jersey, and now lives in SW Florida.  Her passion is split between helping others and writing about anything and everything in her life.  During her free time she soaks up the Florida sun while reading by the pool, or she will be found in the kitchen making some chocolatey concoction!  
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