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7 Struggles of being the last of your friends to turn 21

We all have that one friend who turns 21 like 6 months after everyone else, in my case I’m that baby friend.  Now I’m left wondering why the heck my parents decided I should start school almost a year early.  As great as it’s going to be in a few years when everyone is 30 and I’m still in my 20’s, this year is just torture… Heres some of the struggles us youngins face. 


1.  Not being able to go out with your friends on their 21st

2.   Having to be the DD to and from bars

3.   While everyone orders their beer or margarita at a restaraunt you’re ordering a water

4.     Having to wait on a friend to buy your bottle of wine for Saturday night


5.     Being the only sober one at the bar

6.     Not experiencing happy hour

7.    Everyone has run out of excitement by the time you turn 21

Amalie Laigaard is a Junior at the University of Tampa, majoring in Public Health and Wellness.  She was born in Denmark, raised in New Jersey, and now lives in SW Florida.  Her passion is split between helping others and writing about anything and everything in her life.  During her free time she soaks up the Florida sun while reading by the pool, or she will be found in the kitchen making some chocolatey concoction!  
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