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7 Must Have Beauty Products That Make Makeup Easier

These makeup products vary in price, but they don’t vary in usefulness. If you’re looking for easier and faster ways to use beauty products, these are the items for you!

1. Beauty Blender (original: $19.95, mini: $17.95)

It’s a sponge that’s smaller and smoother than a brush and doesn’t release oil onto your face like your fingers do. Dab it, don’t rub, and your foundation and concealer will never look cake-like again.

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion (.37 oz.- $20, .2 oz.- $12)

It’s the one eye makeup primer you can’t live without. It’s colorless so it doesn’t change your look and your eye shadow will literally stay on ALL day AND night, but it isn’t any harder to remove. Plus, the tube it comes in is super cute.

3. Benefit’s POREfessional (.75 oz.- $31, .25 oz.- $10)

Use this under your foundation and/or concealer to minimize pores and prime your face. It has a translucent matte finish, and it is really light on your skin.

4. Q-Tips Precision Tips (170 count for $2.69)

Regular Q-Tips are rounded at the end, so it is common to smudge your eye makeup when all you wanted to do was clean up the edge of your winged liner. The pointed tip of Precision Tips makes it a lot to perfectly finish your eyeliner, lip liner, or even your nail polish.

5. Baby Lips ($4-5)

Not only does this lip balm smell really good and moisturize your lips, but you can also easily use the colored flavors as a simple cheek-stain. Double whammy.

6. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets ($5.79)

Oil blotting sheets are perfect when you’re on-the-go and can’t easily use a shine-protectant powder. The package is extremely thin so you can keep a pack of them in your purse and take a trip to the lady’s room whenever you need to. The sheets look and feel a lot like smooth paper, and all you have to do is blot your face and you can watch the oil come off right before your eyes.

7. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Pads ($4.97)

They’re cheap, they’re soft on sensitive skin, and they get the job done!

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