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 Growing up, I read all the time. Every time we had to read one book, I would read 4. Books have always been my escape to create a fantasy world. As I hit middle school, I stopped reading as much as I used to, but I picked it back up my senior year when Covid hit. I missed the feeling reading brought to me. I have been on BookTok which made me want more books. I then got an ad for a monthly book service, which I had never heard of before. This is why I am writing about it here. These are 5 websites for the book lovers of the world.

Book of the Month

This is the book subscription I was recommended and almost started. Each month they have 5 books for you to choose from, or you can choose as many as you want. Your first book is $9.99, then each month after it’s $15.99. You can skip any month, no questions asked, with no consequences, and you can skip as much as you need/want. 


There are so many book subscription boxes on Etsy, my favorite being the blind date with a book. I found some for $6.00 with around $5 for shipping, $9.99 with free shipping, etc. They also have them for every genre of book you can think of. The listing I have linked is for a $5.00+ mystery book with $5.00 shipping. There are so many different options to choose from, including comic books to full series. This would be a great gift idea for a book lover.

Pango Books

Pango Books is a used book site, you can buy or sell. You can find just about any book on here for a really good price too. I recently bought two books from one seller for $12.30, which is less than I would have paid for one of these books, new. 


This is similar to Pango, I also ordered one book here for around $5.00 including shipping. The difference with this online shop is that they don’t only sell books, they also sell textbooks, music, and movies. Everything on here is at a super good price, comparable to thrift stores, and you are guaranteed what you are looking for. 


This one is different from the rest because it is not a place to buy books. Instead, you can create an account and add all the books you have read and add books you would like to read. It will also give you book suggestions for your next read. You can also add your friends and you can see and compare what they are reading as well as what they have to say about it. 

Hopefully, somebody else will enjoy these as much as I do, or if you do not like reading, hopefully, these will help with a gift for a book lover. Happy reading.

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Kendra Geatz Cybersecurity major at the University of Tampa I am passionate about animals, music, nature, and the beach
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