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5 Apps That Will Save Your Life & Your Wallet

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

We as a generation are so technically inclined that we don’t go anywhere without our phones. I’ll be the first to admit that while I may not answer my calls and texts all the time, I never leave my room without my phone. There’s something about having a lifeline that makes me feel safe. The majority of apps that are on our phones are games and time wasters. Bored in class? Angry Birds. Waiting for someone to pick you up? Candy Crush.

No worries, collegiettes. I have compiled a list the five apps that you can’t live without.

1. SafeTrek

This is a must have for all college students, male and female alike. If you’re ever in a situation where you don’t feel safe, all you do is open the app and press the button.

While holding the button, the app will track your location (which you have to allow the first time you open it), and simultaneously vibrate in your hand. After letting the button go when you feel safe, a keypad will appear. You will then have ten seconds to enter a four-digit passcode (which you choose upon setup). If you don’t enter the passcode within ten seconds, the police will be notified of your location and respond. In addition, when the police are called, SafeTrek will send a text message asking if you are okay. If you do not respond they will call you to confirm your safety.

This is a great app for those late nights walking home, or even in a crowded place that you’re not familiar with. Available on iPhone and Android. 

2. Lyft

This app is great for times when cabs are impossible to stop or are too pricey. Comparable with the service of Uber, Lyft is an app in which users request rides from normal people, minus all of the smelly cabs. Don’t worry; these people are actual workers and not just randoms. 

Lyft is super easy to use. All it takes is a name, phone number, and credit/debit card to register. Instead of paying almost $5 a person, rides are usually $6-$7 and only get charged to the person who requests the app (which means if there’s 3 or 4 of you it’s cheaper than a cab).  All you have to do is request Lyft from the app. Lyft will then contact a driver within the range and let you know how far away from you they are. You as a passenger are provided with a picture of the driver, their name, license plate, as well as the make and model of the car. If any of the information does not match up when the driver arrives, feel free to decline and request a new driver. You can even enter your destination in the app so the driver knows where you’re headed before they even arrive. Once you download Lyft your first two weeks of rides are free! Available for iPhone and Android.

3. Groupon

Looking for a new restaurant, fashion trend, or an exotic place for spring break? Get the Groupon app. It’s like everyone featured on Extreme Couponing is combined into one app and easily accessible at your finger tips. With most deals between 50%-70% off, you can save money with the tap of a finger, which let’s be honest, on a college student budget is necessary. Available on iPhone and Android.

4. LinkedIn

Since we’re at a point in our lives where connections mean everything, having the LinkedIn app let’s you keep your connections on hand. As simple to use as the website, you can do everything from update your status to add connections or employment history. Bring the best you can to your interviews by keeping everything about your professional life in one place. Available on iPhone and Android.

5. Amazon Student

Worry no more about having to post in your campus Facebook pages about who needs what book. Simply post it on Amazon Student and let the app do the rest. Need a book? Scan a barcode and find the book for the cheapest price in a second. Don’t spend your time haggling prices with the kid down the hall. Buy, sell, and search all in one place.

With these apps on your phone, your college life will become easier than you could’ve imagined. Get downloading! 



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