3 Quotes to Keep in Mind Throughout 2021

Like a lot of college students, I found myself with a lot of free time over winter break. Even during a normal year winter break is notoriously boring. No college-aged person wants to go from living with their friends and doing whatever they want, to living with their parents. In my case, going home to a small town in Maine doesn’t help. This year with the COVID-19 pandemic, everything was that much more boring. 

I could only watch so much Netflix in one day, and I eventually found myself re-obsessed with Pinterest. Since it’s a new year I created boards around my new goals and mindsets for 2021. I made the classic “healthy meals” and “workout” boards. I also found myself making a board for quotes to inspire me and my mindset through the year. My board has so many good quotes to keep in mind for the new year, but I’m going to share three of my favorites with you all!

  1. “Maybe, true happiness is when we are happy with ourselves.” - faraway

Obviously, 2020 was a hard year for the majority of people. I love this quote because it allows you to focus on yourself when you have little control on the things around you. This quote is simple and to the point: happiness starts with you! A lot of good is coming, but you have to be content with yourself first. I think 2021 is going to be a big year for self-love and growth! 

  1. “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” - Sheryl Sandberg

This quote is amazing because it applies to almost any situation. When I think back I can always think of a lot (like, a lot) of things I missed out on just because I was afraid of what might happen. It’s a lot easier said than done, but in 2021 I want to make a conscious effort to just go for it! At the end of the day the worst case scenario is probably not all that bad anyway.

  1. “You have not seen everything you were meant to see. You have not met everyone you were meant to meet. You have not done all the things you were meant to do. You have not traveled to all the places you were meant to travel. You have seen a lot of the ocean, but there are still further depths. Take heart, breathe deep, you are far from finished yet.” - Morgan Harper Nichols

This quote has a lot of meaning coming out of a year like 2020. It comes from one of my favorite accounts I follow on Instagram, @morganharpernichols. Most young adults I know, myself included, feel like we’re wasting our best years during the pandemic. I think it’s important to remember things will get better. Eventually, we will all see our friends and family again. We will all travel to beautiful and exotic parts of the earth. And, it’ll be that much better after waiting and making it through such a tough time.

I hope these quotes find anyone reading this and inspire you even just a little! Happy 2021!