3 Easy Ways to Start Adulting Right Now!

Getting up before the sun may seem absolutely dreadful, but it could help train your body for post-graduation! Say you have an early morning class or some sort of commitment, getting up and moving may help you tackle that commitment with a much more susceptible mindset. Set your alarm for a couple of hours before you would normally set it for (as do adjust your bedtime to get enough sleep) to just make it somewhere in time and do something productive! Go to the gym, get a head start on your homework or do something leisurely (reading, yoga, cooking). There are lots of studies out there that say if one exercise before they engage in learning, they retain the information better. Also, it will prepare you for the real 9-5 work lifestyle and can make the grown-up world seem not so scary.

Another method of becoming a young adult that isn’t as dreadful is cooking! Decide on a day that you set aside to cook something new or bake. To make it more enjoyable, have a friend do it with you or alternate weeks on who cooks. This way you are already ahead of the game on the survival of eating without a college meal plan.

Lastly, and I know it sounds silly, get a piggy bank! Learning how to maintain financial stability early on will put you light years ahead of your friends who do not. If you have a job or not this can be helpful, set aside any loose change you have/find, or just a small amount from your paycheck each week. Before you know it, you’ll have much more dough than you know! Also, making a budget will be extremely helpful and instill great financial habits.