10 Reasons Being an Adult Sucks

The care-free days are officially over. College is the time when we are supposed to put away our childhood antics and become an "adult." Here are some of the absolute worst things about growing up. 

1. BillsWhat do you mean I have to pay that again? I just paid it last month!

2. EmailsEmails are always so excessive and urgent; I get stressed out just thinking about it.

3. Jobs

We go to school, we work, and then we die.

4. Going to the doctor alone

I didn’t sign up for this!

5. Making phone calls

Whether it’s something simple like ordering food or something important like making an appointment or setting up an interview, it’s terrible and I’d rather not.

6. The pressure of dating

What’s the possibility of making it through a family gathering without being asked if you’re dating anyone? Slim to none. Tell Aunt Kathy to relax, we’ll get there eventually.

7. Fewer days off

Everything seems to be going nonstop and sometimes you just need a lazy day.

8. Buying your own stuff

Why does it feel like you’re always running out of something and the store is a million miles away?

9. Laundry

How long can I avoid this before I have absolutely nothing to wear? Am I doing this right? Is this going to shrink? Will this need ironing? How do you even iron?

10. Cooking and cleaning

Cooking wouldn’t be so bad if the dishes would wash themselves. Cleaning wouldn’t be so bad if things would actually stay clean for more than a day.

Growing up sounded like such a good idea until it actually happened…


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