Why I Embody Female Empowerment

            Ladies, female empowerment is emerging to our society. That’s what I love! You may wonder why I’m writing about female empowerment. Well, I embody this because as my famous quote to everyone who ask me why I support female empowerment “women deserve to be respected, not to be exploited.”

            As a true woman, you are dedicated in what you do. When you strive on a passion, you own it because of how committed you are. You are unapologetic because you do not allow a man to distract, tell or hurt you. Trust me honey, if they are not playing the game, sorry you have no time for their non-sense. Girl, don’t tell them you’re sorry – show them who run the world. You’re not just a woman, you are a leader and an enthusiast.

            A woman knows their self-worth in the world. As Destiny’s Child said it, you’re a strong independent woman. Girl, you have a job and can get buy your own things because you don’t depend on anyone else but you. When you walk to class, your heels and outfit match your attitude as you strut the walkway and show them whose boss. Women establish themselves and empower each other. You find a place where you can mold and find inspiration for yourself. You be the best you can be, which is a woman and this is why I love female empowerment.


            I strongly admire how women not only have courage and strength, but embrace being bold and fierce. They do not care about what others think. They do not let judgements and criticisms get to their head, they know who they are. They are women with a sassy attitude and a killer body.