A Typical Windy Day at Syracuse as Explained By Niecy Nash

It's that lovely time of year again when we have absolutely no clue what Syracuse weather is going to come up with next. Thanks to Punxsutawney Phil, America's favorite meteorologist, spring is coming in hot. The abundance of eager short-wearing students on campus means climate change is alive and thriving in central New York, but Mother Nature is a moody lady. After a brief 45-degree heat wave, Lady Land threw us a curveball in the form of a windy day to end all windy days.

To better describe our angst when words fail - or when the wind knocks the air out of our lungs and we can't speak - there's only one lady that truly knows exactly what to say. She's rough, she's tumble and she's not gonna stand for no wind: Niecy Nash.

Wearing a puffer vest and leggings thinking it would be enough

Trying to go out because everyone has post-Spring Break fever

Getting caught in a sudden mini-snowstorm

Being stuck in the middle of campus without a coat because you were in denial this morning and had four classes since

Seeing your friend across the quad and acknowledging the harsh reality that 'Cuse weather is a fickle b*tch

It may have snowed on Mayfest last year, and it may have snowed just long enough this week to crush your hopes for regular spring weather, but we'll make it out alive just like Niecy Nash in Scream Queens. (I'm assuming. I don't have time for television; I'm a college student!)