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Time Capsule of Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Syracuse chapter.

The Syracuse University Traditions Commission is creating a time capsule that will be stored away until the University’s 200th birthday!  They are accepting donations of items like t-shirts, ticket stubs, photographs, or anything that represents a major event of the past year.  It will be opened March 24, 2070. 

Inspired by this, we created a mock-time capsule that is representative of the most popular fashion trends on campus in 2014. Compare your go-to outfits to those in this 1951 photo of female SU students (Courtesy of the Syracuse University Archives): 

How much do you think styles will change in the next 54 years? Will future SU collegiettes wear similar things? Or will they scratch their heads if they saw our daily outfit choices? Here’s what we would put in a time capsule to show some of the most commonly worn articles of clothing around campus in 2014:


The Infamous Parka

Unless global warming hits and the winters in CNY get milder, this is sure to be a staple for the next 54 years just like it is today.


Boots (Riding, Combat, &Rain)

Converse (for the two months of the year when there is no snow)


Classic Tote


Yoga Pants/Leggings



Crop Tops


High-Waisted Denim


SU T-Shirts


Things With Spikes