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These Two Campus Cuties Know School-Spirit Style!


Neali Rogers (Twitter: @nealirogers, Instagram: @nealirogers)

Sydney Trager (Twitter: @oopsiSYDitagain, Instagram: @Squid1818)

Year: Freshman

Company Name: “Trends By Tres”

Explain your company “Trends By Tres.”

Sydney: Neali and I started this custom Syracuse choker company and it has really taken off! The choker necklaces are $10.00 and you can one of four large beads (orange or blue sparkle, orange slice or plain orange bead), and string (black, white, blue, or orange) and smaller accent beads (blue, white, light blue, clear, or orange). They are perfect for showing school spirit on game days!

How can a customer contact you and place and order?

Sydney: It’s easy! Just email [email protected]! Also, follow our Instagram (@TrendsByTres) and see al of our new styles and who is sporting the new choker trends! Also, visit the website at trendsbytres.wix.com/trendsbytres!!

What are your majors?

Neali: Special Education and Inclusive Elementary

Sydney: Advertising

Where are your hometowns? 

Neali: Marlboro, New Jersey

Sydney: New Canaan, Connecticut

What is your favorite part about the making the necklaces?

Neali: They are all custom made and you can mix and match more than one necklace. You can choose your string color, bead type and style and accent beads.

Sydney: No two necklaces are alike!

Where can you wear these custom chokers?

Neali: These necklaces are made for Cuse students who bleed orange. They are perfect for tailgates and big/little gifts.

Where do you hope Trends By Tres will go in the future?

Sydney: We want to expand our custom designs and make necklaces for other schools with their colors and logos.

What are you involved with on campus?

Sydney: I’m involved in the University Union, Zipped Magazine, the Fashion Conscience Club, and I write for 

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