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The summer I became an adult

Summer always goes by quickly. I remember the last summer after high school and the feeling of
excitement and dread for college. The summer after freshman year seemed to last forever, interning and
catching up on all the gossip with high school friends. I thought my summers would never be so jam packed
and hectic again. But this summer was by far the craziest. Balancing four internships, a social life, and
some vacations, it was the most rewarding summer of my life.

As a double major, it’s often hard to find internships encompassing all of what you love. Since
I’m studying both magazine journalism and art history, it’s not the easiest task to find one internship
dedicated to both while still staying close to home. So, this summer, I took it upon myself to broaden
my horizons and multi-task. I did freelance writing for three companies — one of which was my very first
internship from freshman year that had continued ever since my first day in May. The fourth was the
unique one, as I served as the PR intern at the Everson Museum of Art.

Looking back makes me wonder how I managed to get everything done and still managed to
enjoy my time away from school. Time management definitely came in handy — so I guess all the
talk in high school from literally every teacher every day wasn’t just annoying banter after all. Though
I’ve always had a knack for this, it sometimes falls to the wayside when I can’t bring myself to study
or work on that never-ending Newhouse project. But this summer I really learned how to set up a schedule
for myself. Since all my writing jobs were virtual, I set up basic outlines of what day and time frame to
dedicate to which blog. Once I had an idea, a few hours later, one task was already done; before I knew it,
I had free time. At the museum, time management was much easier, since I worked every Tuesday and
Thursday like a normal 9-5 job. Tasks were given to me, and once finished with them, I was finished with my day.

Beyond basic time management and good self-discipline, I also learned a lot about actual causes
and subjects through my work. Writing for an environmental and humanitarian blog, I really learned
about the struggles in Africa, various projects dedicated to helping change lives, and even
environmentally-friendly fashion. I actually, to my surprise, became quite the tree hugger. I’ve always
had concerns about the environment, but up until this summer, I never really did much about it; now, I
want to join pretty much every non-profit I’ve written about and contribute to as many causes as possible.
At the other end of the spectrum, working in a museum taught me how much planning far in advance
various events and programs require, what goes on behind the walls overflowing with beautiful art, and
the importance of teamwork to make an art opening or other event be successful.

Throughout the summer, I noticed a change in myself. A change I was scared to admit, but now
embrace. As a 20-year-old, I still like to think of myself as a kid who still has a ways to go before the real
world. I held onto my youth through Harry Potter (you know I dressed up for the midnight premiere and
waited first in line for twelve hours–anything for Harry freaking Potter), hanging out with lifelong
friends, and spending many careless nights playing games and watching movies. As much as I tried to
fight it though, I’ve grown up. In just two years, I’ll have graduated from Syracuse and will be on the job
hunt. I’ll be an official adult — but this summer has already turned me into one.

Sure, I’m still not the most mature person in the world nor can I fend for myself financially or
even always make the phone call for a hair appointment — this is still a mom task, since I tend to forget and
can never decide what I want done — but I have grown up. I have real job experience. I learned more about
myself, my interests and ultimate desires. This summer helped shape my career path and my future goals.
I never expected a few months to change my life so completely, even in the midst of loving all my
internships and thinking, “This is what I should be doing.”

Growing up is scary, but everyone does it at some point. As I move forward with this school year,
I can only hope to have as many eye opening experiences as I did this summer, and can continue on my
path toward determining who I want to be and what I want to do.

I'm a senior art history and magazine journalism major. I'm a junky for pop culture, watch way too much TV, and love to blog about it all.
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