Spring Break at Home as Told by Parks and Recreation

After a grueling week of midterms and essays, you're finally done with classes and off for SPRING BREAK! WOOOO! 

Except, you won't be spending the vacation in sunny Cabo or Cancun. Instead, you'll be home, wrapped under your blanket, in your PJs, binge-watching Netflix next to a bowl of your favorite snack. 

Here's your vacation as told by Parks and Recreation

Day 1:  I'm finally home!! No work, no problems! #Blessed


Day 2:  Now, what to do... I just got back, I'm tired, I'm bored. Let's online shop! 

Day 3: OMG I'm so hungry. I have so much time to just sit around and eat. 

Day 4: I have such bad FOMO. Look at so-and-so's Spring Break instas. They're in Cancun. Ughhh 

Day 5: That's it. There is LIT-ER-ALLY nothing to do. 

Day 6: When you see your family for the first time since you've been home, and they ask what you've been up to/ enjoy doing now that you have free time over break. 

Day 7: Spring Break is over! Now you get to reunite with the squad and get back to having fun.

Oh, what a (boring, unproductive, miserable, pathetic) week it's been.