Reminder: F-Boys Are No Good For Us

Ladies, we all have those boys who play us-- our minds, souls and existence. If your friends are going through the same thing: Lemme tell you, y’all can go countless hours roasting him.

They are always put on the spot when they’re at either a bar, club or frat party. They are like fishes in a fishbowl, swimming around in the same pond, and asking you to hang out with him.

The problem? He never follows through and always flakes (ugh!)

He leaves you stranded. First, you think he COULD be a good guy-- but turns out he just played you. Then, you see him when you are out with your friends and he’s with another girl; he’s doing the same thing in a rotation-like cycle. He’s trying to get in their pants, thinking that he is the best of the best in bed (jokes on him, though).

To tell you the truth, he is not worth it. Maybe he texts you, asking you when you are free, telling you that he really wants to get to know you, but you know what he really wants. He raves to his friends about you, but they act like they know nothing, while at the same time, he’s mingling with other girls!

He is a f-boy. Ladies, I can go on for days explaining this to you, because we all have these men in our lives- and they flat out SUCK.

Let’s say guys flirt with you in front of him and he gets mad. Don’t try to be nice to him! Show him he’s missing out because you are a woman who knows her worth. If you need to be petty, it’s fine, because he missed his chance with you.

From personal experience, I seen it a lot. I get mad at this because it shows a high level of disrespect towards women-- a total no-no in my book!

Maybe these boys need to have respect and just take time to get to know a girl rather than objectifying and using them for their bodies.

I know how you feel. It’s not good to have your hearts broken and minds scattered all over the place. I’ve been played before and I can too relate. They are no good dirty dogs that need to be kept in a little box. 

Ladies, we need to stand together and stop this. If they don’t deserve us, then they can have themselves, because we are not going to have them dominate us, we are in control.